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  1. I also take Biology and Chemistry HL and I feel that pain; but my advice is not to take Physics HL! Biology and Chemistry will likely earn you enough credits for college and will be more useful than physics. Focus on them and don’t worry about physics at the university- if you are applying to the US, taking physics won’t help as much as getting a higher score will. Plus, remember that 3 group 4 subjects =3 different experiments for ia. If you’re applying for pre-med and later to MD program, bear in mind that only few international students are accepted each year, unless they have/get perman
  2. Hi guys! I’m a joyful (still) IBY1 kid from Europe but recently, I’ve started thinking about studying in Canada. For my first term I got ~36 and I’m taking HL Biology, Chemistry and English B (English as lang A was not available :() Can you tell me if Canadian universities somehow like IB international students? I’m especially concerned about UBC, McMaster, McGill and Simon Fraser University (but I’m open to suggestions as I don’t know many unis in Canada) Plus, do you know average scores universities require? Is Canada going to throw me out (like the US) after graduation?
  3. Hi everyone! I’m starting IBY1 next year and I’ve started thinking of some CAS ideas. Does anyone know if playing an instrument (as a self-taught, I’m not going to attend any extra classes) can count for CAS? Thank you for the answers :)
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