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  1. I am writing a Language & Literature Category 3 Extended Essay in which I analyze political victory speeches. My question will be "to what extent does X impact Y?", but I fear that the answer will be "not at all" or "barely." Will not finding anything hurt my essay? TLDR: LangLit Cat3 EE discovers nothing
  2. I intent to write my Extended Essay on the effect of the two-party system on voting patterns in the United States, and how/why a multiparty system would change voting patterns. However, my school does not offer IB Global Politics. The GP EE guide lists the following as potential topics: "An evaluation of the ability of Mexican migrants to achieve a political voice in county X in Arizona." "To what extent should we be worried about the use of 'big data' in election campaigns? The case of the Obama 2012 campaign." How do these two topics connect to the Global Politics cu
  3. How does IB Global Politics compare to AP US Government?
  4. After you're accepted, universities/colleges still ask for your grades.
  5. How do the new IB classes compare to AP Statistics? I am currently in Analysis HL and AP Stats. Does AP Stats compensate for Analysis HL's low focus on statistics? My school only offers Approaches SL and Analysis HL.
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