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  1. amazing summary =) this is exactly what i did! (I'm also a German citizen with IB). But it's not necessary that you always choose the specific city for the certification, I chose Bayern although my 'Wohnsitz' is in Baden Württemberg! Also I dont think that 7=1, 6=2, etc... because 1= sehr gut, 2= gut, 3=befriedigend. etc. and 7=excellent, 6=very good (which is like sehr gut, i.e. '1') and 5 = good (2) Good luck for the application! Donnie, why not consider Karlsruhe? I am at this uni now and its one of the best in Germany too =)
  2. I got a 37/45, and I'm extremely happy with the result. Congrats to all the people who made it!
  3. Yeh, our classes used to be 80/90 minutes long, and it was awful (they were also called "blocks"). But you get used to it with time. It's just like any other class but stretched over a longer period of time, so you might have to work on trying to concentrate during all this time on one specific thing (I remember sometimes I felt like my head would just explode). Or maybe you could ask if you could use the bathroom for a personal break. (yeah that's what we used to do when it got toooo boring!)
  4. I also advise you to read Sparknotes and such websites. They are SO helpful in helping you understand the works more! And PRACTICE! It's so important that you practice, and you might even be lucky enough to get the same extract as the one you practiced (which is something that happened with me ) Good luck!
  5. Well I did German A2 and Arabic B. So I can tell you what they are about and maybe that will help you. A2 was very interesting, because you get to study many options (such as media and language etc) and you read some works. You need to be good at the language though (advanced at it). As IAs you will be asked to write two written tasks which should be fairly easy if your english is good. And you will have some oral assessments as well, in addition to paper 1(being analysis and comparison of two unfamiliar texts) and poaper 2 (essay on studied option). B was rather boring. You should also be oka
  6. @Sandwich: Oh you think there are political issues involved? =o I really like Lena. She's very natural, and she's herself. I think that made her win more than her actual voice. And I agree, the accent is really bad although in my opinion it's also kind of cute.
  7. Yeah I think it's alright. Make sure to say on the coversheet that the sections discussed are BOTH "macroeconomics" & "microeconomics", though.
  8. My EE was in German.. the topic was something like "What effects do English expressions/words in German advertisement (in TV) have on children's language and behavior?". =)
  9. I have skimmed through most of the posts in this thread, and there's a point I would like to raise. I have once read in the bible that women are also to cover themselves. So it's part of the Christian religion too. So I don't really get the big fuss that is being made about women having to cover themselves... it's part of the Muslim and the Christian religion (but as far as I know, it's not being followed much by Christians) and that's it. Why the big deal?
  10. Yeah I take German A2, but as higher level. I found both papers stupid. I was surprised about the fact that they had only prose in paper 1, and I didn't like the Paper 2 questions... But I think overall it went fine I wish there were more people taking German A2 in here. (I'm also TZ2 by the way)
  11. yeah i see what you mean... i just took it as "and" nstead of "or". anyway hey, at least it's over!
  12. I agree. I can't wait to see my grades and know how I really did... because I feel like in IB you can't know this till you see your grades. (Your feeling would be mostly wrong about the exams... this is what a friend told me, and I think he's pretty right.) Let's just hope for the best.
  13. Hey, endlich ein Deutsch-thread Ich kann Deutsch weil ich 13 Jahre in Deutschland gelebt habe, bevor ich in den Libanon gezogen bin. Ich habe mich jedoch schon in Deutschland beworben, und hoffe dass man mich dort in einer Universitaet aufnimmt. Will jemand von euch in Deutschland studieren?
  14. I had the same options =o Which questions didn't you like?
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