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  1. Thanks! May I ask how you know this, such as maybe from experience? I appreciate it lots!
  2. anyone who’s done ib on pamoja.....I want to switch from cp to dp but am not able to due to seat time requirements. I want to propose making up the time online through pamoja. do you have to pay for the courses,,, and can I just do half the course on pamoja and the rest in school?? PLEASE HELP ASAP!
  3. Im sure we all know what the DSM-5 is...My teacher wants the original DSM-1 and I want to find it for her; If anyone knows anywhere I can purchase one PLEASE let me know and help me out! Thanks so much
  4. I am currently in IBCP at my school but thoroughly do not enjoy it. I LOVE learning and regret more than anything taking CP instead of DP. I have been very upset about my decision lately and want to change. We are halfway through the second quarter of the first year but I want nothing more than to join the diploma program. It is regarded more highly by colleges than CP I believe and I want the challenge of the DP and am confident that I can handle it. Have you ever been in this situation of know of anyone that has? Is it possible to make the switch? Please help me out. Thanks so much.
  5. Not the entire DP program, just switching one honors class on my CP schedule to an IB class.
  6. I want to switch into IB history but my school is not allowing because of the seat time requirement for the exams. I still want the class for the extra weight on my GPA, the look of an ib class on a transcript vs an honors, and i love the teacher and want to have them my senior year. Do you think it would be possible to switch into the class now (first quarter just ended) and take it for this year and next year but just not take the final exam at the end of the two years? Does IB allow that? Thanks so much !!!
  7. I’m an ibcp student and taking US history honors and I have been trying to switch into IB history of the americas for 3 weeks now but my school isn’t letting me because of the seat time requirement. Especially because now I would be 8 weeks behind, but that seems like a very minimal value out of 2 whole years right? Is seat time mandated by IB or is there something i can do to still switch in and make that time up? If you’ve switched into an IB class late, how late and how did you make up the seat time? I want this class so badly. If you have any advice please help before it is truly too late
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