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  1. Hi all, I agree that this portfolio is probably the least evil of the type 2's, however my class is having a small dilema. We haven't covered matricis yet and my teacher says that solving simultaneous equations with 4 variables is not a part of the SL syllabus, so we have no way of determining the formula manually. The portfolio itself does not directly say to find the first function manually but I can see the benefit of doing that...however, I have no idea how too. If somebody could post either a link that actually works or clear instructions as to how to solve simultaneous equations with 4
  2. Hi! I'm planning on doing my Historical Investigation in medieval english history, about the princes in the tower legend, specifically focusing on whether or not Richard III was their murderer. Since most of the evidence for and against Richard in this topic is kind of circumstancial evidence, I was going to take two very differing Historians interpretations of the evidence and contrast them against each other. This means I wont really have any primary sources, because there are virtually no primary sources on this topic. Is this idea ok or should I change it to something with primary sources?
  3. Hi all, just wondering, do the markers know if the world lit 1 essay is written by an HL or SL candidate and mark the HL students harder accordingly? Or is it all just marked at an SL standard? Thanks!
  4. Definatly give Maths HL a try, it will be hard and painful at times but you will enjoy it! In fact, you will probably do better in HL than in SL. I'm doing SL and really wishing i'd done HL because I miss the intellectual challenge and now i'm struggling in SL because i'm bored and can't be bothered to put any effort in... you can always drop to SL if you dont like it.
  5. Yeah, that sounds totally fine. My world lit 1 is about the role of the tyrant, and in one of the books i'm looking at the tyranical character is only a minor one so i've only got a small amount of material to work with. What matters is that you know what your talking about and have lots of close reference to the works.
  6. As another art student, your idea of creating a paiting to acompany your IOP sounds cool. Perhaps you could do a creative response to the poem, one of the girls in my class did a monologue from the point of view of an unheard character and it was fantastic. Creative stuff tends to either be amazingly good or a total disaster, so you've got a 50/50 chance either way. Also, you could potentially work your painting into your art body of work, killing two birds with one stone.
  7. mine was on the irony of intentional meaninglessness in Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound. Surely it's every IB students dream to tell their english teacher that most of the analysis we do is superficial crap... and I even did well for it!
  8. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody has any tips on how to get motivated to do work... I've always been the sort of kid that just cruises through school doing less than no work and still getting top marks but that doesn't really cut it in the IB. I'm still getting reasonable (mid to high 30's) marks but i know getting in the 40's is acheivable. I just don't know how to actually make myself do the work... Don't get me wrong, i work hard at the assessments and everything, but just general homework and study i find really challenging because it's so boring! Anyway, because i'm not really doing much
  9. Oh, and just a quick gramatical enquiry, my title is "the role of gender on the reign of Hatshepsut" but I think the word "on" should be replaced with "in" to make it gramatically correct. The only issue with this is that "in" implies "during" and my essay goes beyond the actual years of her reign. My parents are convinced "on" is right, my teacher isn't so sure and I have no idea!!! My mum said it's just one word of a 4000 word essay, surely its not that big a deal but it's worrying me because it's on the front cover and I don't want the marker to think I'm an idiot! Ta again
  10. Hi all, I'm a touch concerned about my extended essay. Its on ancient egypt but the topic isn't particularly relevant to this question. I had one really really good source that contained every bit of information i needed to know about my subject which has been my main reference. However, since the author that wrote said book had included heaps and heaps of other sources as well as a recomended further reading list, thats what i did for my research. I looked at the quotes and references she had included in her book and then went and found them in their original sources. But, most of the time sh
  11. In biology or earth and environmental and other subjects like that you can get a copy of the questionbank off the ib website but they don't seem to have a maths sl one. Just wondering if anybody knew if one exists and if we have access to it? If anyone has a link or a file that would be very much appreciated, I'm not too crash hot at maths so I need as much revision material as possible! Also, is looking at the questionbanks considered cheating? I figured it probably wasn't because they sell them on the ib website...but if it is illeagal, immoral and against all the rules then please let me kn
  12. Thanks so much, that was exactly what I needed!
  13. Hi, Just wondering if somebody could help me, I have a completly dud art teacher that doesn't actually teach us anything. My studio work is pretty strong but I've got no real idea of how to write a good investigation into an artist, art style or theme. If anybody has any suggestions they would be much appreciated. My theme is narrative art, pretty broad but it's working so far, and I'm fairly traditionalist in my mediums. Old school black and white photography with film is my favourite. Thanks Heaps!
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