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  1. I suggest we discuss how you spend your free time. For example, I like to read. Recently I started playing chess on my smartphone, so far only with bots. People are playing me. More recently, I started spending time on Dating sites. I like meeting new girls. If you decide to do this too, I recommend reading these reviews - https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/****book-review/ before registering, so as not to waste your time on sites of poor quality.
  2. 1. Japan 2. USA 3. Iceland Those wishing to visit Italy I advise you not to use the services of the service cabair.it . They arrange transfers and provide helicopter tours. We booked a transfer from them Capri-Florence . As a result, our helicopter was three hours late. The managers of the company did not even call us and did not apologize. I think this attitude towards customers is unacceptable. Considering how much such a transfer costs. Be careful when ordering third-party services and always read reviews about them.
  3. I haven't had a good resume for a week. Although the plan to change jobs. Here I found good examples of resumes, it remains only to do everything by example, but still I can not force myself.
  4. Hey, guys. My name is Alex and now I'm trying to find a new job. In another forum, I am advised to delegate resume writing to professionals. I wanted to ask, has anyone used the services of these services https://resumeget.com/career-change-resume ? Is it effective or not?
  5. Good idea I think. I like Don Quixote. Very interesting book as for me. But to be honest, I do not really like to write such works. Or essays or lab papers. It's boring to me. It is much more pleasant to read the same don Quixote for your pleasure. Now a huge number of services can help edit my essay for me. Also, they can write it completely without your participation. It all depends on the situation and your desire.
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