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  1. Does anyone know the deadlines that are given to IB examiners to read through and mark eg science IAs (chemistry)? Is there eg a certain date (perhaps in June?) when all examiners (regardless subject and the assessment component that they examine) must insert their marks into whatever system they use so that the IBO can guarentee that the diplomas will be awarded in early July? What's the pace at which an examiner must read and mark IAs?
  2. I have a question concerning criterion D, reflection. So, in the N14 subject report they state that "reflection needs to take place throughout the exploration, through candidates isolating themselves from the problem, to see it from another point of view and to analyze its limits...", now what do they mean when they say that we should analyze the limits of the problem? I get that we should reflect and evaluate our approach and recognize limits such as assumptions but what’s this all about? Furthermore, in the N15 subject report it is stated that “critical reflection has a metacognitive aspect
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