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  1. Hooray that is good to hear. Thanks for your help.
  2. My IB coordinator is the one who screwed me over lol. I am planning to confirm with the principal tomorrow. I am going to take Art, English and Psych HL so that i can take exercise science SL. So what you are saying is I can manage taking the exam after only competing year 1 of exercise science SL? thanks for your advice!
  3. Hello, My school had a scheduling mishap in the Beginning of the year (my junior year) and scheduled me for IB art and IB psychology with no science credit. I was just informed of my lack of science credit (I was told psych would count for my science credit originally) so my counselor is redoing my schedule for senior year. She has set it up so my schedule will look like this for my senior year: IB english, IB math applications, IB psychology, IB spanish, TOK, IB visual arts, IB exercise science I will drop HOA after my junior year, and I will take exercise science year 1 inste
  4. I am going into my first year of IB. I had planned to take exercise science and art, but my school just let me know that this is not available. I must choose either bio and art, or psychology and exercise science. (We are on A day B day schedule so I must choose one of theses pairings) Which of these pairs has a higher course load? And which is harder content in general? Also, if there are any opinions not based on these questions I most definitely want to know that too! I am interested in all of these classes pretty equally, and just making sure I choose a pairing that will not be completely
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