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  1. Could we get some suggestions for an RLS for this argument However, historians’ memory reconstruction may lead to different knowledge produced due to different interpretations of the historical event or it can lead to flawed recounts of the past The KQ is How important is the role of imagination when constructing historical knowledge? I think it would work with two contradictory survivor accounts and one flawed based on memory but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
  2. Is the topic of like 'why can't 100% of germs (pathogens) be destroyed by soap, sanitiser, wipes,etc.' already answered, impossible to answer or is it something I can investiagate further and narrow down into a specific RQ
  3. Both combinations aren't weird at all. Yeah sure the first one is claimed to be the toughest HL combo but if your strong in maths then it will work out, it's also a solid base for courses like chemical engineering. Doing HL Math and Chemistry will leave most science options to you, as math is considered a 'science' and Economics HL is a good subject to boost your score because of Paper 3, and statistically has the highest percentage of students scoring 7s in Group 3. (and at the same time isn't looked down upon e.g. Math Studies/Math AI SL, ESS - sorry) I know a number people doing both combin
  4. What subject is this for? Film? English? Just my opinion, but if it is for English A, then I think Harry Potter is too simple. Not sure if it works for English B though.
  5. I took 10 IGCSEs in June 2019 (edexcel sciences which are practically A JOKE compared to IB HL sciences) got a 9 for Biology and Physics, and an 8 for Chemistry. (graded by the new 9-1 grading system) and took CIE IGCSEs in Economics, Eng Lang, Computer Science, Mandarin 2nd lang (4As), Eng Lit, Music (2Bs) and Additional Math (1C) (pretty much the reason why I am writing this post). I also took IGCSE CIE extended math in June 2018 (A). My current subject selection is (exams in Nov 2021) HL: Chemistry, Biology, Economics SL: Math AA, English A: LAL, Chinese B (Nov 2020) sta
  6. How many years does it take to finish the course? Do universities look at GCSEs?
  7. Are the November Exams harder than the May ones? Is it the difficulty of the actual exam, or the grade boundaries? or a misconception? I'm saying this because the grade boundaries for IGCSE additional math (0606) the November ones considerably higher than the may ones... and I'm thinking whether I should switch to another school because I cannot stand my current school eek
  8. Wait so how is it harder? ( the answer might be racist and stereotypical but it might be true ) email me if u think its gonna hurt others ( [email protected] )
  9. I really don't need English in my future studies and honestly, I was never good at it. My school only offers SL/HL English A: Literature a the only Group 1 option. If I want to maximize overall points and minimize workload, SL English LAL is the best and 'easiest' to score highly in - at least that's what I hear. How much harder is L compared to LAL (both at SL - obviously) If it is possible, to study SL English LAL through an online course like Pamoja, would I be better off in LAL? or having actual lessons for Literature only?
  10. Which new IB math course is the best if I want to study medicine later?
  11. I am planning to study medicine and I am currently doing HL chem and bio. I am currently in a mixed class for math and have the choice to do either AA SL or AI HL. Which new math course should I take for medicine?
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