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  1. For either TOK essay or presentation there's a sites that gives you a topic for the presentation, and a site which gives a full map for the Tok essay that includes claim, counter-claim, etc. The question is using these things in your work does it count as plagiarism even if it was created for you to use it?
  2. Hello there, I have two questions one is that how much do IB expect from us to write in EE math, since it is really difficult to write up to 3500. second one is that how do plagiarism really works. In math we cannot really change a proof of a theory, so if I took it from a source does it really counts as plagiarism or rephrasing it and citing it counts.
  3. Hello there, I am doing my microeconomics IA about tax on cigarette, and I choice to have excise tax graph and negative externality of consumption graph, the question is isn't it the two graphs similar, or it's totally fine?
  4. I'm really struggling in finding a good IA article. I'm planning to write the IA about unemployment, I had found this article, but I have no idea if its good or not. https://www.pjstar.com/news/20190725/unemployment-falls-as-peoria-region-adds-4000-jobs. I hope you help me figure it out.
  5. If I took a whole paragraph from the video for example, do I have to cite the source more than once????
  6. For example, there is a youtube video which explains the history of pi, I took many information from that video, so how can I fix that?
  7. I’m using information from youtube videos for my EE, does it count as plagiarism even if I cited the videos?? Or it’s completely fine.
  8. Thanks, I will try to find some way to connect the methods or compare and contrast as you said, thanks again. If I take informations from youtube videos and used them in my EE and cited them, does it count as plagiarism?
  9. I am doing my EE in math, and I choose what are the different ways in calculating pi as my topic.I am planning to choose several ways and compare them to each other. Is it enough? Do you have any ideas how I can link this topic to a real-life application? Is it possible to link the topic to statistics some how?
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