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  1. I've just finished my IOC I really wanted to have Frost but as always with my luck I got Macbeth instead. For me, Frosts' poems were simple because there are a lot of common themes in his poems. I was planning to start out the same way as Proletariat mentioned. By giving some general background information to the specific poem. For example, if "out,out" is one of the options you could mention that it is based on the death of his neighbor/friend's son. Then I'd talk about the general structure, because although Frost doesn't use clear stanzas there are still distinct sections in his poetry. Li
  2. Hey, I'm not really sure about this but if your problem is too many quotes maybe you should consider using cutting the quotes shorter so that you only have the precise section you need. Of course, if your quotes are already really short then I think you'll just have to let go of some of the evidence. I know, it's hard I can never let go of what I write after I've worked so hard on it but sometimes it's the only way, plus then you'll have more room for your personal response. I think you're structure is fine, but I do think you should try to find another point of comparison for your WL2 but don
  3. I'm a little worried, I realise that it's probably too late to change anything right now, but exactly how many sources would I need for an English A1 EE. I'm doing a comparison so I have my two novels, but apart from that I have very few secondary sources. This is partly because for one of the novels there really was no literary criticism and I only found 1 or 2 sources that were relevant to my study for the other. While I only have a few sources that are actually cited in the essay should I still add a list of works referenced? A lot of research I did was helpful, but not necessarily directly
  4. Hey you know... the same thing happened with me I'm still in chemistry and I'm not doing so well but right now I'm actually most confident about stochiometry. It's one of those things that are really simple after you understand it. I'd recommend doing a few more extra problems and maybe going through them with your teacher? Or if you're slightly intimidated by you're teacher like I was just go find the smart kids in class to help! Good luck!
  5. I did mine about the importance of time traveling in Slaughterhouse-five and what it portrays about Billy's mental state
  6. Hi thanks for your help! I was thinking the same thing about the message thats why i was wondering if it was okay :/ And I forgot to say that I actually wanted to focus more on the use of dialogue and point of view. To me those two kind of blend together, but I have no idea how to combine them under one thing apart from saying 'style'. Mm yea!! Okay thanks so much for the advice!
  7. Hey guys! I'm trying to phrase the topic and thesis of my EE but I'm completely lost. I'm thinking of comparing the styles of the two authors? What I'm thinking is that both novels are about societies that are oppressive and restrictive (especially on women) but the two books have different messages and the styles used by the authors help show the difference. I think the Handmaid's Tale warns against a government that's too authoritarian but A Thousand Splendid Suns is just telling a story and maybe raising awareness? of what happened in Afghanistan. Am I making sense? Would this work?
  8. Hahaha I agree! It's all the bad time management and procrastination
  9. I've decided to do my IOP on Slaughterhouse-five by Vonnegut but I"m not sure what I want to do with it. I'm really focusing more on the time travelling aspect of it, but should i do straight analysis or something creative? I'm not really sure what to do for either. Any suggestions?
  10. Okay I have a few topics but I'm not sure which ones would work better or if they're overdone or not... So any help would be very very appreciated - Illusion vs. Reality in Emma (Jane Austen) OR Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell) If I'm going to write about Emma I want to write about the fact that she keeps trying to pair Ms. Bates up with someone that isn't suitable for her, and the fact that she thinks that she's going to be unmarried but ends up marrying. If its Gone with the Wind I'm thinking about Scarlett's desire to be with Ashley and how she misses out on her true love because of t
  11. That's what I was thinking too, but my advisor is very against just doing something on it, she wants me to do a comparison with another more "literary" book. Do the books really have to be "literary"? I think I'm going to do something on Alice in Wonderland against her will or maybe I'll do a comparison with another book, just maybe. Thanks for your help!
  12. I'm kind of confused on how it works... I get how the electrophiles attack the places with higher electron density but I don't understand how the electron density changes. This is what I know so far, so please help me out. X) +I effect results in 2,4,6 directives because it pushes the electron density down into the benzene ring towards the 2,4,6 positions and increases electron density there relative to the 3,5 positions And the -I effect pushes the electron density out of the benzene ring? I think it makes the activation energy higher, but what effect does that have on the directive...? The
  13. I'm not sure about time table or something like that but I use a program called rainlender: http://www.rainlendar.net/cms/index.php it helps me keep tracks of events and such... but I'm not sure its good with an actual time table... or I'm just not that into using it basically its a calender that stays on your desktop then it has two categories to do's and events usually i type my homework in the to do place so that i can just click them off later and from time to time i get too lazy to even bother to use it anymore... but it looks nice at least
  14. I know they're supposed to be literary books but to me that's really vague.... Could I do a discussion on say... Alice's Adventure in Wonderland? or is that bad I'll list out some books I'm thinking about: Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery Black Beauty - Anna Sewell Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood I don't think these books have any relation at all but I've read them all before and I'm pretty fond of them. Help much appreciated~!
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