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  1. I don't know about Green Card stuff. But Being international makes it hard for you to get into the university.
  2. Not really. It is better to get 7 in Maths SL than getting 4~5s in Maths HL. If it is not mandatory and you are not confident of it, you don't have to take it. 'SL is okay' means they WILL take SL people, many or few. Obviously 6~7 in Maths HL will help very much, but just saying it is not mandatory.
  3. well, what they want is probably some specific stretch that you can get from Maths HL, not the high score. So if it is asking for Maths HL, it means Maths HL or more, but not Maths SL. And you need to go to the University homepage to check if that applies to such universities. Also, check if it is flexible requirements or not. For that, it is probably better for you to call them
  4. Hi! Ok. here is what has happened. I as you can see finished my IB this year. But I finished my IB Maths a year earlier. I thought when I sent my request of transcript, I assumed they will send my 2009 score too. But apparently, that was not the case. 2 weeks ago, I got a message from my teacher and coordinator saying that Oxford requests my score on Maths HL from 2009. I was moving so all of my loads are in a ship right now, which means my Diploma paper is in a ship. Then, here is where the trouble happens. My coordinator said that she will send my score on Tuesday last week. Then, she was di
  5. I am sure that Warwick requires 36 points for Business; 38 with 6 on Maths is for Economics....
  6. I don't think this course has anything to do with Economics though, does it? well, it isn't. But LSE, according to my friends who applied for it for entry 2010, LSE tends to see Maths not only as in the ability of dealing with numbers, but also the ability of dealing and solving problem apparently. The friend actually applied for the same course and got into it (even though I am sure he choose Durham instead of LSE), so based on that fact, I believe his statement isn't totally irrelevant.
  7. It is true that people prefer people with IB score right above the minimum requirement to those with high 'expected' grades. They do realize that sometimes high expected grades in IB does not mean anything. However, why don't you take some more maths course? Having economics nature, LSE likes people with at least Maths SL more, preferably Maths HL. So keep that in mind.
  8. uhh. from now on, it is not CAS 'hours', but CAS 'projects'. So as long as you you are involved in doing C, A, and S activities, you are not required to do 150 hours of work. (I mean, you don't need to get all signed on your activity. Your 'diary (i.e reflection)' is now the most important thing) But as long as I know, to get a CAS certificate you relatively have to do 150 hours of activities anyway.
  9. well, certainly you don't need to graduate unless you are going to American universities. (that is what I heard from my chem teacher) BUT graduation is good in a way that it symbolizes your 4 years of work by dancing at the club... oh wait that is what I do anyway...
  10. oh well, you were supposed to ask your IB coordinator in advance to send all the IB score to your Uni directly from IBO. If that is not the case, you have to call your IB coordinator to contact with IBO (or to send oneself) to uni.
  11. well, most of the time I play some music, especially playing guitar and singing. Or, just a simple night out with my friends. Drinking is the way to go.
  12. well, why don't you negotiate with your university? I am sure that they will give you some different yet suitable offer. You can take AP or A level (AS or A2) in a year and then figure out with your university if that is suitable for you. and of course you can just simply do IB Chem SL. My only concern is... if they require IB chem, I think they are talking about IB chem HIGHER LEVEL. So make sure that you can do SL and still get away with it.
  13. wow. on 3x3 or 2x2? either way, that is a biiiiiiiig number.
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