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  1. The paper was pretty average. Surprisingly I felt the last text was the easiest. Thank god there was a picture of a hot air balloon for it! However I found it pretty weird for them to ask for 9 details (on P1 written response to text). Or is that just me? As usual, there were a few words I didn't recognise, but at ab initio level I'm ok with that. For P2 I did the email and the journal entry about my hopes and fears and whatnot before I start uni.
  2. The OP has taken the exam. Other users (who haven't done their exams yet) might find this information useful.
  3. The list, which is done by the IBO, is called a 'Langauge specific syllabus', in this case for French ab initio. As the others have said, it includes the topics you would need to know with related vocab. Then there's a list of general vocab, conjunctions, prepositions, quantities and verbs to know (including reflexive).
  4. sarahlouise: that's exactly the same at my school!
  5. You should first look into which university you would like to go to and then ask them about prerequisites for the engineering courses you're interested in. As far as I know and based on where I live (Australia), most universities accept Maths SL, usually the minimum is a 5 or 6 depending on the 'prestige' and 'popularity' of the university. For Maths HL it's a minimum of a 4 or 5 (and sometimes even 3) for engineering. Chemistry and Physics is desirable but still optional.
  6. Hi You can talk about Ismene. Since you've said that you guys haven't discussed many other characters yet, I'll help you out: Ismene is a very pragmatic character. Although she wants to help her sister, she knows the consequences pretty well. You can use the 'reason vs. passion' argument here, which is quite evident in other Greek plays as well (i.e: Medea!). So, in other words, Ismene can be considred the opposite of Antigone. As for the Chorus, consider the role and power they have in regards to Creon. They are experienced in leadership and Creon is dependant on them. You can discuss their
  7. Hi guys I'm doing this IA now and I've just found a great way to figure out some of the things in the internal. It's to use your calculator (TI-84 for me). -Use the Stat> 1:Edit and -Put in the values.L1 is the term number (eg.1, 2, 3, 4, etc...) and L2 is the number of dots in the star. -Then use Stat>Calc>5:QuadReg>2nd Stat> L1, comma, L2. -Enter -You then get values for a quadratic expression, which is only for a specific value of p. Repeat this method with different values of p (eg. a three pointed or an eight pointed star) and you should get an expression. The same me
  8. Quite a good question which I want to know the answer to as well. My school has had 7s, but it's quite rare. The only thing I do know (my English teacher constantly says this) that to get a high grade, you should be able to write more than 10 pages for the final commentary (and not just 'stuff' but quality writing and content).
  9. Remember to constantly backup all your files. It would be every student's worst nightmare if they loose all their documents. And if you lend someone your notes, get them back ASAP. I've given my notes and ended up loosing half of them. Also, for things such as World Lit, EE and any other subject where you're required to submit drafts, save each draft under a different name (e.g: WL Jan 11, WL Jan March), so that if you're required to show progress, you've got the documents proving it's your own work. For HL Biology (although I don't take it), I know that many students have one folder for each
  10. I'm doing this as a practice task too. It's so different from what we usually get. But I think I actually am understanding something... It helps if you have all your working out in front of you and keep referring back to the X and Y matrix and their statement. I also agree that the wording seems vague, especially if you haven't seen any other Maths IA!
  11. IB is challenging but in a good way. It gets you to think in different ways than you usually would, do a lot of self study and you need to be pretty organised with homework and deadlines. I think motivation is a very important factor whilst doing the IB. Make sure you've got a support system, because sometimes the work load becomes overwhelming (especially if you procrastinate!). Also, since everyone is doing the IB together and have the same struggles, you end up making some new friends as well.
  12. Why not try something which requires minimal physical movement, such as a 'clean up' initiative. I know that in Australia, we have 'Clean Up Australia day' and I'm pretty sure it counts as Action as well as Service. Also, if you organise something like that, then you could include Creativity as well!
  13. Well, even though I haven't finished my IB diploma yet, teachers tell us that plenty of ex-students say that the Extended Essay really helps you for Uni. Also, I agree with Charizad, CAS gets you out of all that rigourous academic work, do something either creative, physical or volunteer and usually people find CAS fun.
  14. dftba= Don't Forget to be Awesome. It's a Nerdfighter slogan type of thing by the vlogbrothers on youtube.
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