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  1. A princess and then an elf. Okay haha but in all seriousness: Author Mad scientist (i made time machines out of string and chairs..idk lol) Doctor (Like virtually everybody else) now, I am unsure.
  2. Omfg I would strongly STRONGLY advise against taking A2 SL Chinese, then! It's all about reading essays and writing essays. One of the papers is a comparative essay -- but how can you compare two texts if you can barely understand them? I'm get 6/7 in Chinese A2 SL but i've been studying Chinese for a really really long time and with what you outline as your capabilities idk I think a 5 would kind of be stretching it. To improve? Read a lot. Test yourself on vocab. Good luck if you decide to go through with it. You can pm me for help if you need anything.
  3. from what i know, there is no real scientific way to figure this out what you should do is draw the direction of each of the bond polarities and from there deduce a net charge direction. if there is one, then its polar. if there isn't one, then its non polar.
  4. Define 'scam'. It's not a scam in the sense that you pay them money and then they disappear off the face of the earth. But it is a scam in that they make you believe its this special prestigious thing when in reality they send the letter to essentially everyone and charge insane prices for 2 weeks with a bunch of like minded idiots.
  5. This was a 2 part question. Part i Draw the 2 possible Lewis structures of N3H. Part ii Predict the N-N-N and H-N-N bond angles in each case and give your reasoning. This is the answer scheme: I successfully drew them both but I don't understand the bond angles part. Firstly for the N-N-N one i don't get why it is 180 because there is a lone pair on the first N? do you disregard lone pairs if they're not on the centre atom? Also for I N-N-H i don't understand why there are THREE charge centres? There does not appear to be any a lone pair on the centre N of N-N-H?..
  6. 30-36 = how hard working you are 37 + = how smart you are imho its usually relatively easy to get 6s in most subjects its just the part about boosting the 6 to a 7 that is challenging
  7. Thank you very much. With regards to the first question, the T is tritium.
  8. QUESTION ONE Write balanced equations to represent the formation of the following compounds, starting with T2 or T20 NT3: 3T2+N2-->2NT3 NaOT: i don't know how to do this one could some one help me out please? T2O + 2NA ---> 2NaOt? QUESTION TWO Chlorine exists as two isotopes, Cl-35 and Cl-37. The ram of chlorine is 35.45 Calculate the percentage abundance of each isotope.
  9. help? edit// figured it out. thanks.
  10. Hi, could i get some help with these math SL questions? Thanks very much! With this second one, I understand why sine x cannot equal 0 but I do not understand/have no idea what kpi is
  11. Well, I Mandarin A so I wouldn't know. But I have friend who took a psuedo IB prep Ab Initio course at our school for 3 years and so the school won't let him continue to take Ab Initio but they still require all of us to take Mandarin. So right know he's taking Mandarin B SL and having an awful time. There is no way in heck he can be ready for the exams and the teacher just told him to guess for all the questions and I think he's hoping to just pass so he can eventually get a diploma. I'm not sure how many characters he knows or whatever, but just letting you know. Might want to be on the safe
  12. Wow, I didn't even know it was conventional to take IB prep classes before beginning the program. I think it's fine as long as there is time for you to deal with all the bureaucratic crap. If you really need classes, take them alongside classes during your first year. I think IB1 is actually famous for being not so bad. p.s. I would strongly advise against it because being in IB is a miserable, bestial state of existence..
  13. hm i pasted the answer from the QB as well - it said it was 26000 x 15000
  14. It's only no. b that i don't get how to do:
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