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  1. Banned because your name made me smile.
  2. What kind of question is that? Your favourite TV show?
  3. Ah well, about the further organic chemistry thing, as everyone said, it's a bit confusing. But, if, and only if, you liked organic chemistry in the core, you should like this . The concepts are not hard, but you need to practice a lot. Plus there are certain things you need to actually memorise, like reaction conditions. Mechanisms will possibly annoy you, too! Environmental chemistry is easy and interesting, especially the ozone depletion part . Questions in the exam are easy compared to other options.
  4. Bishup, there's no need to be mean with people 'cause you think your language ability is "superior" to theirs. If you didn't intend to make fun of anyone and I got it all wrong, then please forgive me and I'm sorry. And Smit, I can't really see the connection between the poll and the thread. Is there any connection? From my experience, the IB definitely played an important role in my acceptance into a medical college. Also, compared to other students, IB students tend to write better essays as well as better lab reports. Generally speaking, they are more prepared than non-IB students. To remi
  5. Banned because I don't hate spanish!
  6. pinball. medical school or not medical school?
  7. yeah, I guess! What are you doing now beside posting in "Interview the person below you"?
  8. Oh yeah, in fact I finished the whole IB thing, and started college already ! Next poster talks a lot?
  9. No. Next poster has his/her first day of college tomorrow! (I do! )
  10. J.K. Rowling: The chicken was ordered by You-Know-Who to go capture Harry Potter, so that You-Know-Who can finally kill him. Dr. House: The chicken has common stomachache, which causes the muscles in its guts to move violently, causing its legs to move independently!
  11. 123 downloads

    Theory of Knowledge essay. May 2010, title number 2: Examine the ways empirical evidence should be used to make progress in different areas of knowledge. Moderated mark: A Word Count: 1595 words
  12. When water is in gas form it should NOT be omitted. Regarding the things that should be omitted and the things that should not, I'm quoting this explanation from "Chemistry" book by John Green and Sadru Damji: "The concentrations of certain substances remain constant, so these are omitted from the equilibrium constant expression. All solids have a fixed density and hence a constant concentration, so these are omitted. For example in the equilibrium: NH4Cl (g) <--> NH3(g)+ HCl (g) The equilibrium constant is simply given by Kc = [NH3][HCl] mol2 dm-6 because the costant concentration of
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