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  1. It's damn unreliable that's what it is. You have to recognise that as much as a historian would like to be impartial, they would eventualy pick a side and their writing would be affected by it. History is often embellished to make the side imparting the account look wronged, justified or victorious. Language is an important factor which affectes the way in which a historical account is received, so a clever historian can make the hideous look good. Also, translation of a historical account often leads to the loss of the true menaing since different words hold different connotations. I'm going
  2. I did the practice TOK Presentation, near the end of grade eleven, on Procrastination and to what extent is it a bad thing, you can guess how appreciative my teacher was when I proved that procrastination id beneficial I did my final one Beauty and to what extent is our perception of it influenced by culture and trends, the teacher said he really liked it and it was really good. We incorporated Science and Religion in the presentation. Tips for those who have yet to do it: think of a question before the day preceding the date of your presentation have a clear cut conclusion that recognizes a
  3. Our English teacher told us that HL students should write a minimum of five to six sides of a paper and SL students must write a minimum of four, though at the same time she said that even though the quality of the work matters more than the quantity it is felt that if the student did not cover write more than four pages marks will be deducted because it is apparently impossible to give all sides of the question their dues without writing a lot.
  4. Ibsen's A Doll's House Sophocles's Oedipus Rex Federico Garica Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba
  5. I was wondering whether or not a data logging experiment is mandatory to submit in the IB since one of my teachers says yes and the other says no...
  6. A a victim of Physics HL, I would personally recommend you check the teachers of the subjects before you choose. Since you are doing SL, ensure that the teacher is willing to teach you equally as he/she does with the HL, meaning that he/she does not ignore you as is done with the SLs in my school. I would recommend that you take physics at the beginning, if you couldn't cope you can always change to biology, as the topics taken are more easy to catch up with. furthermore, an SL in Physics gives you equal oportunities to get into med school as does an SL in bio. and in case the university you a
  7. I am taking Arabic A2 now, and it is really easy. All you have to do is basically read and be have a good sense of what to write and when to write it... The hardest, and the most annoying, thing in the whole comparative writing (which is a major part if the amount of practice we are doing is anything to go by) is figuring out the style and the literary elements used in the writing. on a further note, i have friends who can barely manage to string two whole sentences without incorporating English words but are improving quite a lot. the system is admittedly faulty in the sense that we don't tak
  8. i would recommend Maths HL. I wasn't in an IB course in the 2 previous years, and i never attended an extensive or otherwise advanced maths course and i seem to be doing just fine. i am not saying that i don't face any difficulties or that i understand everything, on the contrary i get confused more often than not. even though i like maths, it is one of my favorite subjects, i won't deny that i rarely see my book, which would explain why i face difficulties. i know what you mean when you say that you don't normally study for a maths test, i live by the rule that maths is explained once and on
  9. I do believe that if you do well in your IB, many universities won't require you to attend freshman year, so in such a case you wouldn't need to repeat the fundamentals. Personally i chose Physics HL (FYI i hate physics and i miraculously took a B in my IGCSE but I'm faring well) and Chemistry SL because and didn't even think of taking business, but i hear from friends that it is very simple and repeats much of what is taught in Economics though the terminology is harder and gets more complicated as you delve in its depths. So far Physics and Chemistry are just fine, and are both easy if you h
  10. Mine was last week, titled 'A Letter Never Meant To Be Sent' depicting the self deprecation, guilt and frustration all three of Tom, from The Glass Menagerie, Hally, from Master Harold and the Boys, and Biff, from Death of a Salesman, experience after a few years pass, in which they are too prideful to apologize until they reach such a point at which they can no longer face their families or believe they are even worthy of forgiveness. By the way it is a poem, though it is not segmented into each one's personal point of view, but simply flowing in a way where it would fit to all three situatio
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