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  1. I just started the IB(September 2019), had a few classes already. The thing is the teachers I have had classes with so far do not give notes, they just show up with slides(powerpoints) we go through them with the teacher's explanation of each and they send it to us to save in our laptops, then give some worksheets and that's it. I felt as to write notes for a time, like summary notes, but I looked up some online and they are pretty simple and concise enough to use them for revision overtime and for revisions. So, my question is why should I take notes (summary notes)if there are available onl
  2. NO, my school does not offer AI HL. I will just do what I can do get high scores on the SAT 2 and SAT.
  3. I want to study Economics/Finance in college, but my school does not offer Maths AA HL, which will really be good for colleges. So right now my subjects are( i am starting the IB in September): English A Language and Literature HL French B SL Business and Management HL Biology SL Economics HL Maths AA SL Apparently, Business and Management is seen as a ''weak'' HL but it is either that or a science subject or History(which I do not want)plus there is no credit for that in co
  4. Hey....well, I am going to start the IB next academic year and I was wondering about which subject to choose, considering I intend to major in Business or Finance or Economics or something similar (kinda undecided..LOL). The subjects I plan to do are: HL English A Language and literature, HL Economics, HL Business management, SL French B or A2 (if available in my school ), SL Maths analysis and approach and SL computer science. After reading tons of blog post and all the like, I learned that it will be best for me to take the maths at HL and other posts say that schools Do not recommend taking
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Bulletin statistics of the May 2018 examination session. It contains pass rates, distribution of test-takers by region and other info to know more about the IB's stats.
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