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  1. Hi everyove, its the middle of the summer and iM SUPOSED TO WRITE MY EXTENDED ESSAY and submit the draft on august 26th. Originaly my research question was Effect of changes of the pH on photosynthesis of aquatic and terrestrial plants or How are terrestrial and aquatic plants impacted by changes of pH, measured by oxygen release during respiration, something in this manner. But as I started writung it, there is really not much to write about for 4000 words! Any ideas? I am already demotivated by this topic... My advisor is no help and she just said "yeah, ok you can do that' with
  2. Hello everyone! Right now I feel that I reached my lowest point in my life. I am failing IB, and generaly feel so depressed. In our school we have marking 3 periods and end of year examps which count like a 4th marking period. Im finnishing IBDP yerar 1 and my grades wouldnt be worse: marking period 1= 24 points, marking period 2= 27 points and marking period 3= from my aproximate calculations i figured I wouldnt recieve more than 22-23! The subjects that i take are: Biology HL, English HL, Psychology HL, Chemistry HL, Math sl, French sl. I struggle mostly with math a
  3. Hi! I really need some help with the ERQ for Animal Research in Bloa There are 3 potential practice questions that we are supose to write a practice ERQ on, but I dont know which studies to use for each of them and what information to include! 1)Discuss the value of animal models in the study of the brain and behaviour 2)Evaluate one evolutionary argument to explain one human behaviour 3)Discuss how genetic simillarities help psychologists in the study of genes and behaviour These are the studies that we can use: Roger's and Kesner, Meany Stydy on Stress Hormines, Ros
  4. Thank you very much for the advise! I rellay apreciate the time and courage you put into this. Your advise is very wise and helpfull, even eye openning that IB is not the end of the world and that ther is aways a way out. Thank you very much!
  5. I very much understand what you are feeling and how stressul this is because Im basicly in the same situation right now. Likewise, I never got any support form my familly which, ofcourse, makes me feel horrible and worthless. See? Youre not alone! I figured that its very imortant to have a safe zone where you can feel free to express you feelongs. IB is harsh, they make it very easy to loose control and interest over the things that you were enthusiastic about before. But we're all in it so we might as well try our best. What are your cirrant grades? What are you planning to do in college? Wh
  6. Hi everyone, I didnt know where else to go to and get some help because my parents are not supportive at all. My mom literraly just shouted at me for crying while I was obsessively searching university requirements...she told be to stop whining and exhagurating. So Im into the marking period 3 of IB year 1 and my grades are super low to what the others are getting easily. I have 27 points now while others manage to somehow get 35 and 38 etc. I had always set myself a very high standard for education, I always study very hard but it just doesnt seem to be paying off...What do I do if even
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