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  1. My EE research question is " Nature as a vehicle for finding identity in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Kate Chopin's The Awakening." In my essay, I am basically proving why nature was an effective tool for their journeys for enlightenment, identity, awareness, you name it. However, I don't really like the word tool because nature symbolism is considered... but its not just about nature symbolism... So heres a short synopsis Into: the inherent nature of nature- it's a perfectly balanced society that is ruled by no one. It is an area of escape from the social pressures o
  2. Ohmygoodness. A brilliant new idea! { or maybe not so brilliant ] Realism in alternate universes [ if I can use that to describe the tunnel world and the magical world] How the use of this alternate universe is able to allow us, especially children, see the world more clearly and just how real the AU is. its basically the same as before, except without the trickly wisdom, albus thing. So it would be about how everything is heightened in the AU - dramatized. Umbridge is super bad. Fudge is super incompetent. Harry is super moral. Dumbledore is super wise, and although Rowling realistically
  3. Thank you! That really helped. I think I am going to do it on the subject of maturity in HP 1 and HP 7. On the second topic, Alice's innocence is what makes the tunnel world so absurd- because she's not part of the adult world yet she can see the silliness of the society. Anyways, I just applied that basic concept to Harry and how he, coming from the muggle world, can easily see the ' tunnel world' ( wizarding society) and a lot of its faults. But as I thought through it more, Harry is able to see a lot through the wisdom of Dumbledore, while Alice is inherently wise. so eh that went down th
  4. I've been brainstorming all sorts of EE topics about HP. I think i've come full circle. Would it be too simplistic to do it on " Maturation of theme in HP1 and HP7?" I'm sure I could dig up some really interesting things- but I'm not exactly aruging something. another idea im tossing around is Harry P. and Alice [ from wonderland] and something about how they arbitrarily see the world: they dont neccesarily follow or understand the societal rules, and from their innocent povs, we can easily see the mishaps of the world- harry sees the corruption of the govnt, alice sees the absurdity of all
  5. mmm I LOVE good diction. Does anybody ever do EE topics on diction? Before i was doing " Art as a better form of communication than language" [ my TOK topic was on art and truth and it intrigued me] but for some reason I have this pull towards novels.... doing my EE on a book that i could annotate and analyze. I haven't finished the book yet but again, i love me some good diction. Zora Neale Hurstons Their Eyes Were Watching God had really really beautiful language at times I'm just not a fan of womans rights and womans escape against society! [ after The Awakening andd the scarlet letter i
  6. The Score Choice does not apply to every single university in the US. Unfortunately Yale, U of Michigan, Cornell require all SAT test scores. I have a feeling the Score Choice report is slightly different to the "traditional" one. HOWEVER, most schools also adopt the Superscore policy. They pick the highest score for each individual section (CR, W, M) from all the SAT tests you submit. UPenn requires all scores to be submitted as well oh goodness. you and I are in the same boat. my safe schools are my state schools. UF and Umiami. I'm going to send in supplements because i REALLY want to go
  7. How? Some EE subjects, like History and Political Thought, are bound to be similar. History would probably include a lot of political thought, so how do NOT make it interdisciplinary? Read the specifications on the ibo website. Think about it- an examiner is going to be specifically trained in one subject matter. They're going to be looking for different structures and formats in a history essay than an essay in political thought- history having more to do with predetermined facts - though I would be sure to add several different views - than an essay purely on political thought - which woul
  8. As long as it meets the criteria for History EEs it should be fine. It's not advised because it won't be on the IB exams nor is it in the curriculum so you won't get in depth help from teachers [ unless you have a teacher who specifically knows of the subject] and it won't give you an understanding of anything that would help you on the IB exams. That's why its not advised. Though I would check with your counselor or check the IBO website. If you're interested, go for it. - but just a thought. If the examiner is unfamiliar with the material, it may work against your favor.
  9. just figuring out my topic so far it's Idealization in Adult and Children Literature: A comparison of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Grey] and JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. eh eh? sound good guys! ^.^ comments appreciated.
  10. That's awesome that you've done your EE on HP. I also was considering doing it... against my teacher's advise. I've read about several topics similar to yours ( basically talking about HP and the hero cycle... or comparing it to other works and how the heroes are similar) and another good one I read was something like the use of names in HP ... and from there one would talk about the mythology ( remus, hermione, McGonogall )etc etc Though what do you think about my topic on Maturation in HP? I mean, the story chronicles the boys life, so basically every literary element is going to mature. Mos
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