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  1. I can't seem to decide which category of brand I should put Pop-Tarts as on the perception map does anyone have any idea as to where I should place it in for analysis?
  2. I need a topic for my chemistry lab in relation to the air pollution topics we've studied so far. Air pollution smog ozone depletion acid deposition greenhouse effect I'm thinking about using concentrations of sulfuric acid for independent variable but don't know what to test or test it on. too many people in my class are doing neutralization anyone have ideas i could take?
  3. Yeah I'm looking for the enthalpy change of the reaction
  4. I'm doing my practice energetics chemistry IA on the reaction between HCl and Sodium Carbonate. I can't seem to find the literature value to compare to for my percentage error...does anyone have a good source i could start looking at?
  5. I'm doing an IA on building an office building with a curved roof. I went through the steps with four different models, 2 parabolic ones and 2 semi-circular ones. I don't really know how I can structure more conclusion...does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. well calorimetry was on our list but the thing is...we just finished our energetics unit and most of the heat labs we've been doing were pretty inaccurate since it is only in a highschool lab...the percentage errors were very high...so we were wondering if we should use it. we were going compare the metals or alloys or other substances actually...hopefully the school will reimburse. But the thing is, we're not sure if this is a good idea after all? in terms of the non-stick surface..would there be a way to measure the amount released under heat? also... we also thought of measuring the residu
  7. Our grade's topic was "Made in China" and our group is doing kitchenware...but the thing is..we're not so sure what to test on... ideas that popped up were: - heat conductivity of the cooking ware - non-sticking qualities but we really don't know what to work with and whether these ideas are plausible for two day labwork Any ideas to help us out..?
  8. The thing is...I am controlling the initial heavy metal concentration. However, since the plants, especially aquatic ones absorb some of the metals, I would need to figure out how much is absorbed by the plant and how much is left in the water. identification of the metals won't be the problem since there are various methods, like a flame test, that i can use easily in the school lab.
  9. I'm doing an extended essay on heavy metal's effect on aquatic plant growth. I need a method to measure the metal concentration or test for metals in the plants and in the water. Is there a simple procedure I could do in the school lab to test for the above?
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