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  1. copy all my notes lol well that's how i memorise best some friends use to do powerpointpresentations for every topic...
  2. As Sandwich suggested, check out the Times Rankings. But in the end, it's not all about rankings (see below)!! I know someone who went to Warwick but said, many things were overrated... And it's important that you really like the uni and the environment coz you'll spend there at least 3 years of your life! So if you're that kind of person who needs good weather to be happy or so, don't go in the north or not to UK unis at all 1 Cambridge 2 Oxford 3 University College London 4 York 5 Bath 6 Glasgow 7 St Andrews 8 Loughborough 9 Exeter 10 Birmingham 11 Sheffield 12 Cardiff 13 Bristol 14 Ke
  3. Well, I've got 2 top songs, to which I could listen over and over again... Viva la vida (Coldplay) La valse d'Amelie (Yann Tiersen) What about you?
  4. This paper was just rubbish. The questions were so tricky. MEAN!! grrr but at least, paper 2 wasn't that bad...
  5. I was sooo relieved when I raed the questions - they were pretty straight forward (and u know IB can give some reeeally strange questions) )
  6. ok, might be a silly question, but just in general: which countries are in TZ 1 and in TZ 2?
  7. 34 downloads

    A table of various drugs and the consequences of their usage
  8. 28 downloads

    Free Will, Determinism Non-reductionism, Reductionism Nurture, Nature Subjectivity, Objectivity Idiographic, Nomothetic
  9. 13 downloads

    (concerning STM)
  10. 32 downloads

    Describe one theory or model within the cognitive perspective related to information processing and use an empirical study to illustrate the strength of the explanation (8 marks) Explain how findings from research within the cognitive perspective have been applied in real life situations (8 marks)
  11. 7 downloads

    Some basic theories on dreaming
  12. 23 downloads

    Some more infos on Anorexiae in regards to the biological, cognitive, learning and humanistic model.
  13. 20 downloads

    a) Describe one approach to the treatment of one dysfunctional behaviour. b) Evaluate the ethical problems involved in the approach to treatment of dysfunctional behaviour described in part (a).
  14. since this thread is about the picture of Dorian Gray, I wondered whether someone could help me with this interpretation please (I'm writing my oral presentation on this and another book about the theme "a hopeless search for love" - any ideas?): I said that Dorian's "murder" of his portrait demonstrates not only his self-hatred (why did he develop self-hatred?) but also his hope to normalise everything and become a loving man again. Is this right?
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