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  1. I did my IOP last year and it was on the book The Princess Bride and I went through each character, saying if they were a hero or a villain and gave text examples from the book. It's pretty basic lol but i basically went through each characteristic of each character presented and said which side the reader would most likely say their on, or if they're both a hero and a villain and why.
  2. I really feel like i won't get accepted into college. I'm definitely not the best senior at ib by far, I personally truly believe I'm the worst senior at ib. I wish i didn't feel this way but i truly believe this. My GPA is extremely low compared to others, I procrastinate way too much, I have no sense of urgency unless someone comes and says you might not graduate with your diploma if you don't do this, I easily feel unmotivated and the list I have can go on. Worst of all, I'm failing not one, but two classes. I'm a senior and it's the end of the first semester! I feel like a disappointm
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