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  1. Hey. I just want to let you know that I think I might know how you feel. Obviously, I can't say that I fully understand as I am not you but I´ve dealt with similar times too. The thing is, if you put the correct date in your profile, you have exams soon and that is the final stretch. See studying and passing your subjects as an escape card from all the crap that the IB throws at you. It will be over soon and you won't need the majority of that **** so just go for it! Kick some ass! Good luck
  2. I did a history EE myself so I can give you some advice. An EE question is supposed to be specific so you can specify on the following: - timeframe: this is always recommended as long as it is longer than 10 years ago - historical figures or historians: this would include analyzing different perspectives from the time itself or in reflection - specific events: how factors contributed or led to a certain consequence/ story point These are just a few ideas that are applicable to all topics so I hope this was helpful Good luck!
  3. Hey, Every school has a preference but I would play it safe with a MacBook. Most IB schools use these so if you're not sure, get an IOS device. Definitely ask your teachers though. Hope this helped
  4. Hi! Yes, teachers are allowed to use marked IA drafts as part of a semester grade for example. Ultimately, the most important grade of the IA is awarded by the IB but a teacher is allowed to use theirs in a grade book for example. I hope I understood correctly what you meant
  5. Hey! Ultimately its what about what is important to you. 1) if you want to make the time more enjoyable, stick with a topic that you really like, it is a lot easier to write the extended essay when you like what you´re writing about (may result in a slightly lower grade). 2) if you want a good grade, really investigate into what the IB likes and possibly sacrifice making the topic fun in the process. Hope this helped! Good luck
  6. Wow, that's really upsetting! I flew to the University of Edinburgh a few weeks ago and I had no idea... I'm sure you worked really really hard for that 42 cause that is damn impressive and if the university doesn't take you with 42, it's their loss since you`re obviously crazy dedicated and smart. Go to your second choice and make the damn best out of it
  7. Hey! With your subject selection, I would recommend taking Geo SL. At the end of the day it comes down to your personal interests but History SL is A LOT of work at home and since you have 2 science HLs I would recommend to not make your life harder than it has to be. I take History HL and so I know that in the first year, the SL kids have to do almost as much as the HL in less time (due to having 2 fewer lessons a week). I have heard Geo being described as "easier" than a lot of subjects so there is the possibility of maximizing your point score (in comparison to history w
  8. Hey there! Do you have any universities you want to go to? Subject specific requirements are displayed on the pages of individual courses so definitely have a look. Even if you don't have a concrete idea of where you want to go just look on the internet, you will most likely find some similarities. I know that your subject choices are very strategic to go into this field so it looks good to me
  9. Band
  10. Male or Female? Female Do you play an instrument? Yes Are you a part of an orchestra or a band? Yes If not in either, which would you prefer?
  11. Hey! Here are some useful links: For all subjects: https://questionbank.ibo.org/ For math: https://www.khanacademy.org/ For psychology: https://www.thinkib.net/psychology I think this is a good start and they have excellent material and guidance on all assessments and past paper including examples. Hope this helped Good luck!
  12. Hey! So I assume that your EE is in chemistry? I guess that topic is good in the sense that it's specific however there are many variables that can skew your data. Different meals have different ingredients and pH levels, therefore, it would have to be the same meal every time to maintain the control variable. Unless a set of data on this exists (which I doubt tbh) already then you will have to do an experiment. These are the types of science EEs: Experimental: design and implementation of an experiment, then personal collection and analysis of the data Data-
  13. Hey! I'm not quite sure what your request from anyone reading this is but I guess I'll just give some feedback then. You may be aware of this but your question is very broad. You will have to narrow it down but it is definitely a good start. Try to incorporate specific books in the question and maybe change it to "To what extent are _____ and _______ comparable when analyzing ______?" or something of that sort. Good luck with the EE!
  14. @kw0573 So sorry about that I had no idea but thank you
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