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  1. That sounds like an interesting idea! What about if you looked at to what extent the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic and the Spanish Second Republic were responsible for fascist/right-wing insurrection in Germany (e.g. Kapp Putsch, Munich Beer Hall Putsch) and Spain (The army and Franco) or something along those lines? There are quite a few good links that I can see, and I think it would lend itself to an evaluative and analytical answer which would be good. Hope that helps!
  2. I take Env. Systems and get very annoyed by those who see it as a "joke". Sure it isn't helped by having a wishy-washy sounding name, but I don't think it is any less valid than Biology or Physics etc. For me it's a subject that is far more interesting than those subjects as it applies environmental science to the real world and to politics and these are where my interests lie. Sure it isn't as sciencey as the others seem to be, but I think for people who don't want to study science in the future it's far more useful. I wouldn't say it is ridiculously easy either, sure a lot of it is common se
  3. I don't take many of these subjects, but I would say don't do four highers. I think in a way it's needlessly making things difficult for youself. Maybe start off going to the lessons for four highers and if you are good enough at Maths HL then take that higher level and drop another to standard (either Business or Economics). Thats my advice, that way you have options. Four highers just means you'll have more work, and probably less points. Good luck
  4. I did French GCSE and got an A* and am now doing French B SL. I don't find it too hard if I revise well before the exams and am more worried about the speaking than the reading or writing aspects of the course. It is however, quite a bit harder than GCSE (the reading is much more tricky). For IB in the writing for SL you have to write 250 words, I can't remember what it was for GCSE but I think this is more... I have averaged about a 6 so far, and would be happy with that but will push for a 7, French is my third language though and I would say that I am a long way from speaking it with fluenc
  5. If I were you I'd probably do it in Statistics as there are several different tests etc. (that you have probably learned under the statistics part of your course) you can do in your coursework, and it's fairly easy to do. Maybe look at the relationship between two variables, for example you could look at something simple like, "is there a correlation between height and weight?" Only of course much better phrased. I know people who are doing that kind of thing. Obviously you should try and think of what to do yourself, but if you need a bit of advice maybe go for something like that, or ask yo
  6. Do you know that they get bad grades, drive Porsches, and have unreasonable expectations? You didn't include this in your first post, and from the sounds of it you are stereotyping. How do you know that they all complain about having to read or skip class? Even if all you said is true, it doesn't mean they are bad people. Does it really disgust you to interact with people who you perceive to have a lower intelligence than you? Is not knowing the nation is in debt (most countries are in debt anyways) such an important benchmark in a person's character? I know many girls who fit every combinatio
  7. I know the feeling. This happens to me all the time. It gets tiring after a while but hey, I've got to give the people what they want. At least I get paid for it though... I wouldn't get too worried about that if I were you. I think we all know it was probably more of a very hopeful joke than a serious demand. On a more serious note, I find this whole wait until marriage thing more than a bit old-fashioned and slightly strange. If you like each other, both consent to it and do it safely then what's the issue right? Would be good if you were in a solid relationship first, but I guess it's up to
  8. I, like you, am looking to achieve a 6 or higher in SL French B, and this summer I'm going to go to France to stay with some random people and attempt to improve my French by actually speaking to French people! (my teacher is American). I find that when trying to improve your writing, a great thing to do is to read articles or books in French and pick out any good phrases that are used, then to memorise these phrases and use them in your writing. . Another idea is to watch French films, there are some really good ones and you can pick up things from watching them. Films like Amelie or La Vie e
  9. I generally get around an 18, sometimes a 19, sometimes a 17. (but I normally get the highest marks in the class and I think others do get much less,although this might be as I have more experience and interest in History than the others and it is a very small class.) Earlier on in the course, I did get much less though. However, as I said, and as others have suggested, this is probably easy marking, and I think you need a 19 for a 7. I don't see why it should be so impossible to get high marks though? Surely there is a marking criteria and it will say what it is you have to do to acheive tho
  10. What amazes me about US politics is that there are only two parties! For a country of its size and significance, and for a country that is supposed to be a great democracy, there is hardly a wealth of choice and different political views. It's a choice between one guy or another. With a population that size surely two parties can't accurately represent all the different viewpoints and interests of the people. It could be argued that it is similar in other countries with two main parties dominating politics but at least there are normally other, reasonably credible options. Both parties are har
  11. I'm doing my History EE on the British Punk Movement and 1970s British politics, which is something I was previously interested in and had read about. I like to think my topic is a bit different and would be interesting to an examiner, but who knows maybe everyone does something like that. If you asked me to name a popular EE topic I doubt I could, and if I did it would have been luck. My advice would be to ultimately think about a question you are most interested in finding an answer to in a topic you have a genuine interest in. If you're going to be spending a lot of time on it then you migh
  12. My teacher might be a conservative marker, but definitely with the essays we do for class and I think for the exams as well you have to get 19/20 for a 7. Possibly an 18, although I think that might just be a high 6. As I say, that might be tough marking looking at some of the posts before me, or maybe he gives points easier and that's why you have to get such a high mark for a 7... I don't know!
  13. Awesome I love Manu Chao! He has a great live album "Baionarena" that I listen to a lot. I also like Buena Vista Social Club. Do you know Rodrigo Y Gabriela?
  14. The Lion King. Try watching the songs in French or any other language, I'm not entirely sure why but it's hilarious. What is the worst book you've ever read?
  15. I'm into 70s punk rock: The Clash, Ramones, Television, Patti Smith etc and at the moment I'm also getting into some great post-punk bands like Gang of Four, Au Pairs and The Cure. I'm also a big fan of ska, funk and reggae Also Indie bands, I just saw Belle & Sebastian which was incredible! My music taste is generally pretty retro but its fairly broad, I just dislike anything thats particularly commercial and I try to listen to things that are a bit different.
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