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  1. Hello. I have just started IB this year and I am having so much trouble with my Group 2, 4, and 5 classes. Here are the classes I'm taking: Group 1: HL English Lit A Group 2: SL French B Group 3: SL History Group 4: HL Chemistry Group 5: SL AA Math Group 6: HL Biology I am doing well with my group 1, 3, and 6 classes. It is my group 2, 4, and 5 classes that I'm struggling a lot with. I'll go in that order. I used to do really well in French class in elementary and middle school. However, I would argue that I began falling behind in high school sin
  2. That's a story for another day. They would prefer me to tell them ahead of time whenever I speak to a counsellor. Under normal circumstances, I could manage to schedule an interview without them knowing but it's harder for me to do that now. They would prefer me to not speak of it to anyone. That is partly why I reached out here; they don't know that I am on the IB Forum.
  3. Hello. I am having trouble picking the Group 3 choice for IB. The options are History and Geography. I do not know which one to go with. When I asked people's opinions of which should I take for IB, most of them, including my parents, suggested that I should take geography since it is the easier subject. However, I dislike geography and I tolerate history. Also, taking IB History would grant me two 12th grade university credits (Year 1: CLN4UE, Year 2: CHY4UE), while IB Geography only grants me one (Year 1: CGD3ME, Year 2: CGW4UE). Also I am not a social science person, which means I can't de
  4. Thank you, but again, they already know the benefits of IB. They say that they'd prefer me to excel in the regular program than to fail in IB. They prefer me to take geography as it is easier than history, and I might take it, even though I hate geography (I don't know, I might stick to history). Also, the only way for me to talk to my guidance counsellor at this time is via email, and my parents would know when I send emails.
  5. Thank you. However, my parents know the reasons why I study IB. Also I've tried telling them subtly and not-so-subtly that grades are not important but they would not listen.
  6. Hello. I have been doing pre-IB since last year and I currently in the middle of 10th grade. However I have been recently not doing well. My school model for the COVID 19 is extremely stressful. I have been getting grades between high Cs and low Bs (and even got an F in one of my subjects). My parents are forcing me to leave IB if I don't get high grades. They have been giving me these threats since last year. I keep yelling at them telling them that it's not their place to decide, but they are really insistent about it. I get worried that they are serious and I don't know what to do. Tonight,
  7. ok, thanks can I ask you one more thing? what are some materials I need to practise over the summer? what do I need for my first year?
  8. So I got accepted into Pre IB at Colonel By SS in Ottawa... I don't want to drop out of IB in the end and I want to show the teachers their that I am an IB material. Many of my friends are confident that I wouldn't end up on a waitlist and get accepted in the first round (which I did). But I don't feel confident in passing it. IB is a prestigious program that would increase my chances of getting into university in the near future. Heck, I didn't think I would get accepted right away. How do I prepare for next year? How can I boost my confidence in the success of earning th
  9. Hello, I am an 8th grade student who has recently been accepted into the Pre-IBDP program. I will go to Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa next year. So we don't have a lot of course choices next year. For math, however, I can choose either MPM1DE (which is the accelerated pre-ib math course that leads to either HL or SL Math in grade 11) or MPM1D (which is the regular academic course in math which leads to SL Applications & Interpretation Math in grade 11). I want to be able to take HL Math in grade 11, but I hear it is an advanced course that consists of two years while SL Application
  10. That sounds like great advice. Thanks!
  11. oh ok, thank you. Also, any tips on passing the test? It's a standardized test that primarily focuses on mathematics, reading, and writing.
  12. Would they accept those who got a B- or a B+? If not, if you pass the CAT4 test, would they still accept you?
  13. Hello, I know this is late but I need all the help I can get! So I am in grade 8 right now and I am applying for Colonel By Secondary School. On my final term report card last year, I got mostly 70-78%. This year, I got a Progressing Very Well on most of my subjects except for Phys Ed and the Arts. Would they count on the previous report card or the current progress report card? Also, my CAT4 test is on January 19th. I am so nervous. Can you give me some advice? Please? I am very weak in writing and mathematics in the race against time! My last math quiz, I got 83%, which w
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