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  1. I spent this past week slowly going through the chapters using the Pearson's textbook and click 4 biology. THe study guide is great, but my teacher said the highest you can achieve is a 5, so if thats what you are aiming for go for it. What i found is just if you go through the learning outcomes, theres nothing else outside of the learning outcomes. It doesn't take too long, and most of the chapters connect together such as Chapters 3, 6, and 11. Just relax and take your time going through the learning outcomes.
  2. They said they accept people with 24/25 if they have a good personal profile. Having high marks at UBC isn't enough anymore, because they noticed that these people are less successful later on in life - interviews for example. If you don't show that you have a social side, then they aren't sure how successful you will be. Instead they are looking for someone who has a strong academic and personal life together, this together forms a very successful people. I know people with 39 who got in weeks after someone with a 31 into the same program because this person is involved in activities. Its not
  3. I think it would also be nice to add what years people got accepted
  4. I would say, take the courses that lead you to the career/field of your choice. There are requirements, like for UBC you need a certain amount of science courses. Do you guys think that someone with a 33 will get in?
  5. People with low 30s for sciences have gotten rejected in the past year or so, so I'm not sure Things were definatley easier like 3 years ago.
  6. How many points did you/your friend receive, for what program, what campus and what year (how many years ago)! Thanks
  7. admissions opened september, or August. I think your essay were good, but you talked a lot about IB, maybe should have talked about other things. But it shows you are really hard working. Especially the math club! this year the essays are 40% of your application and marks are 60%
  8. 24 is the minimal but people in 30s get rejected.
  9. Amber


    APril 20th you will hear back earliest.
  10. When we asked our teacher this question he said we are allowed to write whatever we want, but if we want a real good mark we will talk about math and not write "I" "we" "us" "you"
  11. To prove to myself I may not be the best, but I can push through it!
  12. Banned because your username is the devil in my world. (Procrastination)
  13. Thanks! I used autograph Was easy to use and accurate.
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