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    Biology HL H.5 Transport System (HL Option)
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    11.3 The Kidney


    Biology HL 11.3 The Kidney
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    Biology SL/HL 6.5 Nerves. Hormones & Homeostasis
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    Biology SL/HL Topic 6.4 Gas Exchange
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    Biology SL/HL Topic 6.2 Transport System
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    6.1 Digestion


    Biology SL/HL Topic 6.1 Digestion
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    Biology SL/HL Topic 5.1 Communities & Ecosystems
  10. Hey, I've carried a photosynthesis lab in which i changed the light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis by using Elodea as my pond weed. I did this by measuring the volume of CO2 released. I can't give you my experiment, but i can help you if you come up with your own aim and what you roughly want to do. I got full marks on my whole lab - for all 3 sections (design, data collection&processing, conclusion&evaluation) If you need any help, then let me know
  11. Hey.. I've got both of the books and I think they are both really good. The course is explained well in both books. Our teacher also gives us notes from the Pearson book, which is according to the syllabus so I recommend this one. Hope this helps
  12. Im not sure if someone has already posted this site, but its pretty good for Biology. http://click4biology.info/index.htm Hope this can help!
  13. Well quite a few of my friends take Physics HL and say it is tough. I take Chemistry HL which is pretty tough, but as long as you understand all of the concepts, have a personal interest in the subject and keep revising, then you should be pretty okay. I personally think that Physics is harder than Chemistry, but it depends on what your stronger science is
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