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  1. Aren't you guys tired of studying?!! I like can't study for my next test which is chem... I'm procrastinating to the max. Help!!! I need to like I don't knooow shut myself in a room
  2. crap... you thought paper two was very goood??? =/ hmmm. nott me
  3. Ah, yeah, I realized it was a geometric series later too. I should have gotten that one... I've done so many like it before! During the exam, I multiplied everything together instead of adding the terms, so it didn't work. What did you do for the statistics one? I got to the point where 90=sigma(with all the parameters)... but I couldn't figure out how the -12 relates to it. Oh god.. totally did not get it then... Ummm yesss I think they put too many questions on graphs?! Which I did nooot study for because I've changed schools so many times that I like never learned graphs, which is supposed
  4. Hi Amber, well this was originally directed to you but I guess people got really into the conversationn haha. Hmm, look, studying and learning is not about getting a 7. I'm all for taking challenges and I changed to HL math this year and did the entire HL math syllabus in less than 8 months. It was crazy and really hard, and I just took two of my IB math exams and didn't do as well as I'd hoped because I did study a lot. But it feels good because I know I tried and that I learned a looot which is going to help me in university. Plusss, if you really do care that much about the grade, then you
  5. Ok, I at least feel better that everyone thought it was hard. I also think I'm screwed. I wasnt expecting any of those types of questions?! and they like combine different things? So scared... I think the only saviour is going to be paper 3...
  6. Hello, well I just turned in the art record booklet, and was told I cant edit any of the pieces before the exhibition but I don't know how true this is, depending on this then definitely keep improving your pieces. I'm actually quite confusedd about the exhibition thing. By the way, do you know the mark bands out of 20 points what is a 5, 6 and 7? My teacher predicted a 15/20 and I'm quite disappointed =/
  7. Helloo, I'm going some chemistry analisis of data, and the IB data booklet doesn't have the theoretical values/ accepted values for the enthalpy of combustion of: Propan-2-ol Butan-2-ol Octanol Can anybody please tell me where I can find them online or if you have them because I keep finding different values on different websites. Thank youuu
  8. I feel like you're attacking me and yelling at me. On the one hand, I'm glad you're worked up. It's how change comes about. On the other hand, why are you saying Why do you think women marry for money? Why do you think anyone marries just for money? I don't know for sure, but I assume that the reason is often because the person feels forced by society. Other times, it's probably convenience. When you attack me, I'm just confounded. You say that you're infuriated by the blatant sexism, but you're putting me down. You assumed that I feel the need to marry for money because I am a woman. You a
  9. Excuse me.... but is nobody horrified at the statistics and facts of how women are seen/treated at their workplace in our "advanced" world? This is completely sexist and I do not tolerate it. Who cares what individual people marry for?! Some people will mary for love, other revenge, others because they're lonely, others to survive, maybe because they need a green card! This is not what matters in the information that was put on the post.. even though the question is "should women marry for love or money", this brings up a whole series of ethical and moral issues which no one even seems to be
  10. Hi Maulik, Well, basically choose something that won't be too complicated when it comes to actually writing and analyzing because you can easily drift away. I recently did my EE on geography and business, my concept was a case study about how geographical location affected the success of a retail facility **please don't use this idea I have already submitted mine with this topic.. But before I actually conducted my experiment, I had tons of ideas: maybe you could compare the management branches of two companies and see how this affects sales, you could compare how managing a local company is d
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