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  1. I am in need of changing my maths IA idea as it was too simple. What would be something that I could do for my IA with football (soccer)? I am more than capable of getting my own data by playing, and I should be ok with any areas of maths. Thanks!
  2. I am writing my EE in music, as I love the subject and I love music in general. I am wanting to talk about the musical, Hamilton, because it has so many elements that can be discussed about in its soundtrack album that consists of whooping 46 songs. But I cannot seem to come up with the research question. I am planning to talk about the different musical motifs (melodic & rhythmic) that occur throughout the whole show, and about musical concepts (pitch, textures duration, tone colour, dynamics, structure), and anything else there may be that can be spotted. Any ideas or suggesti
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