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  1. Can someone show me how to do this? Kim can produce 40 pies an hour or 400 cookies an hour. Laim can produce 100 pies an hr or 200 cookies an hr. What is the highest price of a pie at which kim and liam would agree to trade pies and cookies? If kim and liam specialize and trade what are the gain and trade?
  2. My theme of the project is How does conflict handling style used affect employees in different culture? First up in my introduction I am going to state and explain the theme and then state how the theme is interesting and significant. Next, I am going to take conflict situations and identify the conflict handling style used (for example forcing and compromising) Next, I am going to explain the reasoning behind why these may be used and then state how it would affect the employees in real life. Then I am going to try and compare and explain how the conflict handling style may have different eff
  3. I need to design an experiment to investigate the factors that affect cell permeability, but I am not allowed to use temperature and pH as factors so I'm really stuck. Can anyone please give me some sort of idea as to what research question I can do?
  4. Hi everyone, I am studying sampling distribution now which is a small part of the statistics maths option. Our teacher gave it early to us so we can do some work beforehand. I think this is good because I already finished a large part of the syllabus during the summer. I was wondering if anyone here in the forum has done the stat option in maths HL and can give me some problems that they encountered or some questions that I can ask myself to facilitate my learning. Thanks alot guys.
  5. The smallest of the ruler is 1mm but I rounded it to the nearest cm. So does that mean I put +/-0.5cm as my uncertainty??
  6. For lab reports in bio, for the uncertainty is it half the smallest unit used for measurement? For example, if I use cm and so the smallest unit is 1cm. Then is the uncertainty +/-0.5cm? Please can someone tell me how to do the uncertainties. Thx
  7. I've got a conditional offer from the university I want to get into but I didn't fulfil their requirements. They wanted 36 points total (including bonus points) and all subjects to get at least a 5. My results are as below, do you think that I stand a chance if I called them and basically begged them to change their conditions. Do you think admission tutors may change their minds depending on the passion and desire I show? Maths HL 4 Biology HL 5 Chemistry HL 5 English A1 SL 6 Mandarin HL 6 Business and Managament SL 7 TOK C EE B points = 1 Total = 34
  8. What are the correct label for the gene transfer question and for paper 1 what is the universal gene allow us to do, was it gene transfer?
  9. What was the monocotyldon or diccotyldon question was the answer like II and III
  10. Was is the it colon not the small intestine, I thought it was the colon but on the diagram the small intentine area absorbed the most water. It was kind of misleading and weird
  11. It will be quite hard to specify, option A, B, C and D something similar had like met-tyl-ilv-ijg-oil or something with a huge table. What did you get for the platyndside organism, was it flat body?
  12. Is anyone getting paranoid about what they got in their exams?
  13. For those that did TZ2, did you get D at the end of paper 1 and what did you guys put for the result of global temperature rise in the arctic region, was it A or B? And what did you put for the protein translation one in paper 1, was it A, C or D? Please tell me I got it right? I am getting really paranoid here, I really want a 6!
  14. yeah for paper 1 it is usually 36-38 for a seven. For paper 2 it is like 58-72 for a seven, paper 3 32-40 and 82-100 for a seven. Did anyone do TZ2
  15. I am doing chemistry HL, I keep getting the feeling that I made some stupid mistakes in the multiple choice and also ruined parts of my section A and B. The more I think about the more I doubt myself. Is anyone else getting a similar feeling?
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