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  1. I wrote mine on the Jacobite Rebellions and their effect on the native white population of North Carolina. It was sooo obscure that my advisor had never even heard of the rebellions, it wasn’t easy to find the research but I managed to pull out a pretty decent essay. If you don’t want to spend too much time researching, pick something better known...but if you don’t mind spending your time in the basement of libraries go for it!
  2. Hi, I think your real life example is great and I myself can easily connect to that with my own experience. However I think you have to be more specific or make it clearer what you mean by ‘belief’ (or maybe it was purposely made ambiguous so you could talk about more things? If that’s the case then all it needs is defining within the presentation. I think it’s a really good subject). Focusing it on a knowledge issue is the hard part. You might want to rephrase the question to make it more ToK-ish e.g. ‘How can reason and emotion affect the way we interpret language?’ (Reason and emotion being
  3. My group and I are doing the changes of technology on social relationships. With the knowledge question of how does belief effect an interpretation of a message sent electronically?
  4. Hey! I'm charlotte. I dont live in the Czeh Republic but i tutor math as a part time job. im sure you ould find something like that there.
  5. I have one ml of an unidentified ester and need to come up with a lab. I want to do so mething more than identify the ester. any ideas?
  6. this is what i got from my teacher : "You have 1 mL of an unidentified ester. design a lab by next class" and the catalyst idea is a good one
  7. this was helpful, i would really reccomend reflecting and experimenting alot in your workbook, lets face it your IWB can make or break your score. Pieces are just as important but if they are thought provoking and can be backed up it shows how much oyu cared and how much effort was put forth. Also its quality not quantity as well. You make sure you do what you do as best as you can do it.
  8. my best suggestion is to just go with the flow and add structural elements later, a girl in my class traces buildings onto an already abstracted piece and further messes with the realism
  9. Clt

    Art help

    if oyu want to focus on landscapes then go ahead, however i reccomend taking your own pictures of places that are important to you. also you can mix it up with more architectural to seascapes...landscape possiblities are as diverse as the differnt areas on earth.
  10. Clt

    Title help

    hey...i have major issues picking titles for things....any suggestions?
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