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  1. Hi Everyone I just cant figure out a single product which can be viable enough to present as an Computer Science IA, my teacher has been telling me to build my own website with a database connected to it, but I cant find any suitable client in need of a website and even if I was to be my own client I cant seem to figure out an idea which would be unique enough for a CS IA.
  2. Of course, we are all in the same boat go ahead.
  3. https://chat.whatsapp.com/BXrRhuaEEiRAjTXK2LeCdq This is a WhatsApp group chat for the class of 2021, feel free to join the via the above link.
  4. Hey Guys I have created a WhatsApp group for the Class of 2021. Feel free to join via the link below. https://chat.whatsapp.com/BXrRhuaEEiRAjTXK2LeCdq
  5. Hey guys i know this is an outdated question but im currently registered under application SL and was wondering whether i should shift to Analysis SL as i choose to pursue business management in the future which does require math to some extent and im mainly targeting the UK and Dutch Universities. As aplication SL is the closest equivalent to Mathematical studies i was wondering whether universities would accept for business related courses as Math Studies isnt held in high regard.
  6. Both are the hardest subjects in group 4 if not in the entire IB programme, there is no legit way to compare the difficulty of botht he subjects. Both are HL sciences so they have got to be challenging and rigorous so just take the one which relates with your career path and most importantly the one that iterests you the most. Dont base your descision on how much you will be able to score. If you really think you wont be able to cope up with the physics course than try sitting in some chem hl lectures. in my Case i chose CS as my group 4 subject as it was interesting and challenging when compa
  7. Why do you want to do 4 hl's in the first place, just take English A SL it will make life easier considering you are already taking 2 of the hardest subjects in IB, Bio and Chem HL and Geo HL is no walk in the park due to its content heavy syllabus and tricky exams. Seriously dont do 4 HL's especially when its English B, it will hardly make a difference.
  8. It honestly depends on which subject you like. I will still give you my frank opinion. It all comes down to the point whether you are an artistic person or theoretical person. Psychology is a lot of memorisation and theory. While visual art really needs you to be good at art and creative enough to get that prized 6 or 7. Presently looking at your subjects I feel you already have taken 2 essay based subjects at higher level namely BM and Eng HL. Its upon you whether you would be able to handle another essay based subject that is pyschology. Pyschology is quite interesting b
  9. Hey Guys Iam starting DP1 and im confused whether Math application SL is meant to be practiced by using Math SL past papers or math studies past papers. i asked some people but they just said that it is a new course and is a cross between the current studies and SL course, so how should i study as i cannot practice using the textbook all the time and cant possibly wait until the specimen papers are out.
  10. Hey guys I'm beginning IB in a couple of months and I would like someone to convey their thoughts on my combination. Is it hard or doable? English A Literature HL Hindi B SL Economics HL Business Management HL (okay I know it is underated and soft, but it is definitely no walk in the park considering its magnificent theoretical portion) Math Application SL Physics SL (Is it really the hardest SL science as I despise chemistry and Bio with a passion and do I need to be a math wizard or something).
  11. Hey guys I have made up my mind on taking Physics SL, but from what I've heard is it is quite hard compared to chemistry and biology at standard level. I find physics pretty interesting but am just curious whether it is the hardest science to take at standard level. Iam anyway going to continue with physics as I don't have an iota of interest in bio or chem and ess is not an option for me.
  12. I had a query regarding the new Math syllabus change which will be put into effect from this year. As everyone knows the IB Math has been segregated into two components. - Mathematics Analysis and approaches - Mathematics Application and Integration To be honest I'm not a Math person and don't have any interest in pursuing the subject at a higher level. Hence which course would be easier for a non math person, who dosent require exemplary numerical skill in the future. What exactly is the freaking difference between Analysis and Application, I've got no idea what
  13. Economics isn't possible with Math Studies, at least math sl is required.
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