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  1. I am currently struggling with the conclusion part where i can talk about significance of the investigation, and considering limitations and improvements math hl ia 3rd draft - not final.docx
  2. In my opinion, as a Chemistry HL student, I don't think you can take Visual Arts SL nor an art in SL because it might require too much work you should've started from September 2018 or October 2018. It is basically harder to get a good grade so I would recommend a professional tutor who had experienced IB economics for a lot of years instead or use resources.
  3. I want to write a personal statement about chemistry or chemical engineering and I don't know what to write. I want to apply for Sheffield University (Foundation) despite not being my first choice.
  4. Will you take English LangLit or Lit only? For engineering you better go for LangLit because it is less work unless if your school doesnt have it
  5. I take Chemistry HL, and I think Economics HL is easier. Engineering universities in the UK don't really need Chemistry HL unless if it is Chemical engineering (It prefers chemistry over physics). I don't take Economics, but I'd recommend you to go for it. Econ HL is probably less work than Chemistry HL and Chemistry HL has a lot of chapters (21 chapters! and an option) and Economics has less. I take Business and Management and it only has 5 chapters. Econ HL might have 10-15 chapters (?). Chemistry SL has 11 chapters and one option chapter, while Economics SL doesn't have an option chapt
  6. I think you can drop Diploma to Certificate so that you can have less work and I think there are universities that accept the certificate as well. If someone has big mental issues (like me), you can go for the certificate.
  7. For the IBDP, you might need to do CAS, TOK and Extended Essay. I think you can start the IBDP as you mentioned. I didn't start with IBDP because I don't want to have too much work an there were a lot of students who chose the IBDP from my class. My school wants more IB Certificates as well. Enjoy!
  8. I think IB Visual Arts is a bit too much work and it isn't as easy as what people think. You need to work a lot in Visual Arts. You can draw for CAS (Creativity) What do you want to study in future? Do you want to study Sports management, psychology or visual arts? If you want to take Psychology, I think you need HL Psychology and HL Biology. If you want to study Sport science, take IB SportSceince HL. In my school, students from my class take biology and psychology together. IB Biology for me is easier than psychology because you would have to write less essays and talk
  9. I want to do IELTS since 11th grade, but I do not have a lot of time to prepare for the IELTS exams and is it ok for me to do IELTS after I finish from the IB exams? I'm taking English B
  10. If you take English B, then IELTS is a must. I don't know anything about UKVI. If you take English LangLit or English Lit, you don't have to take the IELTS or UKVI, but I would recommend if English isn't your first language. You don't have to take a 7 in English A, but I would recommend a 5 (in LL) or 4 in Lit. If it is English B, then you have to take a 6 at least.
  11. For English Lit: you can have professional tutors or take English LangLit SL if available.
  12. What subjects do you want to take? I'm currently doing IB Certificate lessons with Math HL (very deadly one). In EU, there is American University of Paris, Applied Science Universities in the Netherlands, and there are a lot of universities on Greece. I want to study in Greece but I will plan for a gap year because I will learn Greek. The English speaking universities in Greece like Deree and Metropolitan don't need the IBDP and all they want is a high school certificate. I think you can do the IBDP. If you can't do it, just take IBCP. I think you can go to the university with
  13. I have the same problem for my Math HL IA about the pi and I am very worried about it.
  14. I am very nervous that I will fail my Math HL IA because I didn't work too much on it. I want to mention why am I interested in talking about the pi for my Math HL IA.
  15. - ITGS isn't as easy as people think because it is difficult to get a 7 (barely anyone takes a 7). In order to get a 7 in ITGS, practice past papers a lot and revise well. - If you want go to the USA, you don't have to take chemistry at all. You don't even have to take Physics at HL either (Physics SL is useful). That is the same goes for Canada and the UK. You probably need Math AA HL because it is very benificial for CS. Physics HL is only optional. - If you want to go to India, I would recommend taking Chemistry SL since you might probably need both Math AA HL and Physics HL compa
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