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  1. Do any university courses (especially in Australia) actually have IB Sport, Exercise and health science listed as a prerequisite?
  2. Hi, I the only group 3 subjects offered at my school (business, econ and psychology) are very difficult for me and not especially interesting. I think that I would greatly benefit by taking another science in adidition to biology and chemistry HL because sciences are my strengths. Preferably I would opt for health science because it is more relevant to my intended field of study (medicine). Would this work if I can find a university course which requires health science, biology and chemsitry or physics, biology and chemistry? I read online elsewhere that if I tell my school I want to go
  3. They are the same for HL the subjects I take, but you should read the subject guides and double check.
  4. Hi, I've been having a lot of difficulty in Business HL because although I know all of the theory very well I am not good with the application, and always lose marks on case study questions (especially the 20 mark ones). I also struggle to accurately self-assess my answers based on the criteria. For this reason, I am considering switching to Economics HL because it seems more straightforward, but if I can find a way to get better at this skill then I probably won't switch. Is there any way for me to get significantly better at case study business questions other than textbook questions (w
  5. No, you will be absolutely fine so long as you reference the original piece. You should also explain why you chose it as your inspiration.
  6. Thanks so much. I had already looked at the IB economics syllabus, textbook and a few past papers and it seems to me that economics is more theory based and also more mathematical. It also seems a lot less ambiguous (i.e there are right and wrong answers) than business. This looks very appealing to me as I am usually better at this type of subject. Am I correct in these observations?
  7. Hi, I am thinking about doing a slam poem for my IOP in which I would be posing as a women's rights activist in the 80's at a poetry competition. In my poem I think I would summarise the main improvements that have been made in the women's rights campaign but also draw attention to the things that still remain the same with the intention of persuading that these things also must be changed. In doing this I think I will refer to the evidence given in both of the texts that I'm analysing; Of Mice and men which is set in the 1930s and Still I rise by Maya Angelou which was written in 1978.
  8. I meant can I do math studies SL and still complete full IB and apply with my diploma score, but also take a Math B exam so that it can also be included in my university application.
  9. Hi, I've currently got about 4 more weeks of pre-IB before I start DP. I've been taking business but have found it really difficult, and despite I know the theory I have significant trouble getting marks on the explanation questions that are supposed to simulate that of real IB exams. I am thinking of switching to economics because it seems more theoretical rather than practical (which is what I'm good at), and everyone says it's just a much easier subject. My school is supposed to go over everything learnt during pre-IB again during DP and everyone tells me that there isn't that much to
  10. Wait what?? According to who? My school has never mentioned that.
  11. Hi, I want to study undergraduate medicine in Australia (preferably at Monash) and I've noticed that some courses don't require math SL. Whilst I'm probably capable of a achieving pretty well in math SL I'd rather take studies in order to maximise my IB score. I've heard from other people at my school that I could take a Queensland math B exam (I think in other Australian states it's called math methods) so that I can apply to the courses that actually require math SL and also match my competition in applying for the courses that don't, without damaging my IB score. Would this be a
  12. Hi, I go to a really bad IB school and I have almost no resources. I haven't been given the lists of texts (WIT, Detailed study, Literary genres, Options) for the SL English A lit course that are mentioned in the subject guide. Does anyone know where I can find them? Any help much appreciated!
  13. Hi all, I'm currently in grade 10 (15 years old) and living in Australia. I was just wondering, does anyone knows of a full medicine scholarship that I could apply for being an Australian? I'm considering applying for the Australian DUS (Defence University Sponsporship), however I don't want to serve in the defense force for 6 years after graduating. Is this the only way of attending med school for free? Please let me know of any undergraduate full scholarship opportunities, they don't have to be from Australian universities. Any help very much appreciated. Cheers
  14. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows how much it costs to take the 5 year undergraduate 'Medical Science and Medicine' degree at Monash University, Clayton. I tried to use their fee calculator but it gave me more than $300,000 which seems really excessive to me. Any help very much appreciated. Thanks
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