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  1. ^^ Agreed, organization is key! I'd recommend having a binder for each class (or folders if your backpack doesn't fit tons of binders), a notebook for each class, pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, loose leaf paper, a pencil case, planner/agenda, and maybe a few other things like sticky notes/flashcards. If you are taking an advanced math class I'd also recommend getting a good calculator, like a TI-84.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm going into the 10th grade this year, and am planning on doing the IB program 11th-12th grade. In the future I am hoping to be a pediatrician, so I was looking online for what IB classes you should take in order for medical school. Most sites said Biology and Chemistry HL. I like chemistry a lot and am hoping to HL in that, but I'm not so sure about biology. So, first of all, would HL biology be necessary for medical school? Also, if I did do HL bio, would it be important to take biology this year too? (Pre-IB) I'm currently signed up to do physics, and I did biology in 8th
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