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  1. It’s due august 15th and my teacher said that climate change was a good topic and it must be According to the syllabus. I was going to do co2 emission and global warming, but I don’t know how to proceed or another good topic
  2. We haven’t take the course yet and are expected to write an ia on it. We have no books related to it so it’s basically self study. I decided to do global c02 emissions over time and modeling that. How would I go about doing this ? Where would I find the help I need?
  3. hi i have to write an ia for math sl and i wanted to model climate change. is this a suitable topic for math sl? also i need help writing it because i dont know how to go about it? like what do i do first? do i make a sine curve? the internet isnt really helping right now. can someone give me a few steps on how to model climate change? please i really need help! im very confused!
  4. Hi I’m going into math sl and we have to write an IA. I wanted to write an IA on population growth in China but i have no idea how to. Can someone tell me how to write this and if it’s a suitable subject for Math SL IA?
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