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  1. I am in a similar situation right now. If anyone has any advice please help!
  2. Thank you! If someone could give me a general idea of what a health and development topic under world studies looks like, that would be greattttlyyyy appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have been researching about the EE subjects and I am particularly interested in the health and development category under world studies as I plan to go into health related careers. However, I am a little confused as to what the criteria regarding this subject is. My initial idea was to write about Chinese traditional medicine or more specifically, acupuncture. However, after reading some websites regarding what a world studies essay entails, I am a little confused. I understand that for world studies, I need to focus in on a global issue? and that I need to consider multiple discip
  4. Hello, this is really late but I have been wanting to write about Alzheimers for my ee too. May I ask if this ended up being your final topic? and if it was doable? thanks!
  5. Hello, I know that this post is old but I am experiencing a simliar situation right now. In the end, were you able to change your topic?
  6. Hi so I have decided to write my extended essay on the world studies topic of Chinese traditional medicine. However now that I have chosen this topic, I am not sure where to go next. I wanted my research question to be something a long the lines of "to what extent is chinese traditional medicine effective...". I wanted to answer this by comparing the treatment and its results for chinese traditional medicine with those of western medicine for a particular disease, however I am finding the research for a particular disease to be quite hard. Do you think I should continue to research for a disea
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