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  1. Hey Guys, For my Bio IA I wanted to to do it on plants or food, but I wanted to do my without physically bringing or buying any plants (cause they’re too expensize for the quantity I’m buying). So if you guys have any ideas for these topics or biology in general that would help so much! Or if you have any pointers to build on or telling me what topics to avoid will help as well. ALSO I WANTED TO USE A COLORIMETER IN MY IA, BUT I DONT HAVE ANY IDEAS ON ANY GOOD EXPERIMENTS TO USE THEM (the personal engagement is weak... so if you have any ideas for colorimeter will also help...)
  2. Thanks for the advice! What rules/formula’s are you referring to for the English section? Could you elaborate on that?
  3. Hey guys, Anyone have any tips for the Reading section for the ACT. Or any tips in general for the overall exam (like what formulas we need to know or common mistakes on the English section). Reading is my worst part, I don’t know how to improve from the practice exams. Thanks in advance
  4. I know a friend who had the exact same thing, some of the hl courses they already did a semester of weren’t available in there new school. My advice, if your moving during the summer, is research... research... and work. If possible, before you leave, ask your teacher to approve a ee question at least, so you can work on it later. same with the ia, if not come up with ideas you know will be approved so you either get right to work on them in your new school or work on it during the summer, make the most of your time, ask your teachers to give your tips, tell them that you
  5. So I got a level 5 on my sl chem exam, with a mark or 86%. I retaking grade 12 chem in summer school to bump up into the 90%s. Do American universities (specifically California, like UCLA) care if I retake the course. Will the accept the higher mark. CAUSE I READ SOMETHING ONLINE... and they said they don’t accept the retaken mark if it’s already higher than a C for a-g courses. WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY a-g courses??? (UCLA website image below) I’m confused if I should drop the summer school course and keep my current mark or bump it up if it benefits me. btw... I don’t
  6. Makes sense, thanks. so what grades do you think I need to get on the rest of my hls to make up for the level 4 and 5 I have?
  7. Anyone have tips for the ACT exam, in general. As well... - anyone know what math formulas you are required to know for the math section -and helpful tips for the reading sections (I did a practice one and wasn’t able to finish all 5 passages due to time) What section should I focus on the most, I don’t really know how to study for this other then practice tests?
  8. Anyone have tips for a bio ia, I’m in HL bio and I wanted to do well, some things I needed clarification on: -how long should the introduction and conclusion should be ( a page long, 2 or 3 paragraphs...) -what math do you need to incorporate -do they check your references to see if they match with the information you put down -does ib prefer some units then others for ias -or any just general tips to make a good bio ia ALSO, anyone know any tips to get full marks on personal engagement. I always lose marks here and it should be the easiest part!!!
  9. So ib results for my exams weren’t great, I wanted to apply to American university’s in the future. Universities in California to be more specific. But I didn’t get any 6 or 7’s, I got 4’s and 5’s instead for sl math and sl chem. As a first year IB student will this effect my chance in getting accepted to California universities??? Im planing to take Hl biology, English and psychology in year 2, if I can pull of a level 5 in each, will that be ok??? idk what to do, please help...
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