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  1. And so it's not only the overall. It can be individual subjects. So in your opinion, would you consider moving to math studies if you were in my position?
  2. Me again. I saw your reply to an earlier comment regarding the same topic. I honestly only chose SL because I thought that I had a chance with engineering somehow if I could get that 6 in there. However, seeing my last result I don't see how that's possible. I was advised by my counsellor to go Canada for some reason and so: What are the requirements for Canadian universities if you were applying for: Political Science, Law, Geography and International Affairs? I'm almost on my last year and haven't even reached that 35 points. Also if you could answer: Are the overall points al
  3. Do I have any other options? I'm really terrible Could I study law with this? Physics I can push it up but maths is a given. And yes I got a 9 for SL while for HL 18
  4. I'm planning to move to Math Studies because I'm dead serious, I worked hard and yet this is what I got. Physics was very very hard. I chose these subjects on the basis of my IGCSE grades where I got all A's on them but apprently I'm not good on them
  5. Hi, I've just received my grades and it's not looking so good. I really don't understand how but I should've been predicted for a 30 at least but only got 27. Is there any hope? Are there universities that will accept me? Thank you,
  6. Quite fitting, I got a 27 and I really don't understand how I got 6's for all His and 432 in SL when I should've got 434 on the basis of my last final exam
  7. Hi, yes Geography does have a fair bit of stats e.g Spearman's/Pearson's. My main concern really is, are they only going to be looking at the overall grade? Because only Math and Physics are pulling me down.
  8. Hi, I'm currently at the end of my first year in IB and possibly be predicted for a grade of 27 only! All because of Math and Physics(not really important at this thread). I originally chose Maths HL but soon downgraded to Maths SL and now I'm thinking of Math Studies. I'm just not good with numbers as in any other subjects I excel in it e.g English or Geo or Business. I chose Maths SL to ensure my choices aren't limited to only a few choices(University courses). I'm only really interested in the following courses: - Business Management - Finance and Accounting - Geography/
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