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  1. yeah um they don't mention anywhere that you don't get your diploma if taking math studies. And you'd think schools would mention that if it were true.
  2. LUCKKKKYYYYYYY u dont do anything (much) I tok????? luckyyyyy
  3. Hey guys could you fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/2ctpvIyYhc6tlxJ62
  4. I want to change from Studies to SL. I chose studies at first because I usually got bad scores in maths and I plan to take an art major but now I've come to love maths and the course I want to take is still "artsy" but it is in the realm of design technology which needs at least SL. I am going to be grade 12 after the holidays, is it still possible?
  5. okay what studies covers logarithms tho??
  6. I read the guide and I think my topic fits into: aspects of the current computer science syllabus that are taken to a far greater depth than that provided in the course but do I have to do an "experiment" and report my findings as I have read in a website? http://ib.compscihub.net/ee "Computer Science is counted as an experimental science by the IB and thus requires you to do some kind of experiment in the realm of computer science and then report your findings." ---- Because I'm not
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