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  1. I mean if I can avoid doing footnotes I will actually do a backflip, I just hate them.
  2. Thanks! They send off all the IAs in March, am I right?
  3. I submitted my Bio IA in the first week of December and accidentally reopened it today, only to realize that I'd typed my name in it. I know that IAs aren't supposed to have names on them... what do I do?? Will I be penalized??
  4. My school said that it isn't necessary to have them all filled, but you might want to check in with whoever's in charge of CAS in your school about that
  5. Personally, I wouldn't recommend either. If you choose the first one you will need to choose between rising and decline because you simply cannot form a specific research question if you're investigating both. The second one just feels rather broad. Just as an example if you're feeling really stuck, I did my Extended Essay on Economics too. My question was “To what extent did the 2016 crude oil price drop influence government economic policy in the UAE?” So in case you would like to use that as a reference (I say this because my question got approval all around and I am rather prou
  6. I think a good thing to do would be to resort to memorization- there's an excellent Economics guide out there called IB Economics In A Nutshell by Ellie Tragakes. All the notes in there are concise and perfect. I always use that book for my paper 1 and paper 2 and it works out brilliantly.
  7. It is possible, but instead of looking at what the causes were that lead to bankruptcy, you may want to focus on a specific cause that led to its bankruptcy and form your question in the form of "To what extent did (Cause) lead to the bankruptcy of (Company name) in (Specific region)"
  8. Hey So for my Bio IA I conducted a T-Test and I got a value of 0.08, which is HUGE. All the times I've done T-Tests I've gotten values less than 0.05 that allowed me to say that my values were statistically significant, but now I'm worried. Should I not include the T-Test in my IA?
  9. Just FYI- my teacher now let me know that ASAP means by Monday, which makes it all worse. Help!
  10. While note-taking is a highly personalized aspect of education, I'll just share what I do- I've been scoring straight 7s so far, but I'll keep it real. I do take notes in class but I never really study from them. Heck, I don't even study from the textbook. I just study from IB Economics In A Nutshell by Ellie Tragakes, and so far it's worked out just fine for me. I don't think that helps much but that book is definitely worth checking out.
  11. I'd asked my Bio teacher if I could do my IA on the effect of music on plant growth and at the time she'd said yes, but after I submitted my information sheet she said that it was an idea with a shaky foundation and that I need to turn in a new idea ASAP. Please help!!! I was thinking something along the lines of photosynthesis..... I don't know, I'm just really confused right now. Is there anything I can do that's relatively simple but not like, utter trash?
  12. I'm doing my IA on the Fibonacci spiral in flowers, and I want to know how exactly I can mark points on the flower seed heads to form the Fibonacci spiral the way this person did for their IA on sea shells.... is there some kind of software I need to use?? Please help, I'm so confused!! http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group5/d_5_matsl_tsm_1205_1/pdf/example08_annotations_e.pdf
  13. Mine is related to boy group BTS- I basically mashed the names of two members together. Their names are Suga and J-Hope, so when you put them together... they're Sope!!!
  14. Sope


    Thanks, I'll be sure to take that into consideration when doing my actual IA
  15. Sope


    Thank you for this- I already managed to get help from a friend, who told me the same thing
  16. I'm gonna do my IA on the Fibonacci sequence in nature (or more specifically plant life) so can someone help me with the personal engagement part because I literally am the most uninterested person in Math ever but I have parents to not disappoint
  17. Hi guys, I want to do my IA on the Golden Ratio as well... but I was thinking about doing it in terms of the human face and beauty, because having a Golden Ratio face supposedly makes you scientifically beautiful. Should I go for this???
  18. I need to submit my proposal for the FOA for Part 1 of the course by Monday, and me and my partner are absolutely clueless. We did well for the Part 2 FOA, but this one... we just can't think of any topic ideas!!! Please help!
  19. Legislation shifts the demand curve (MPB) to the left, hence closing the externality and moving it closer to the MSB. The supply curve stays the same. As for context, you can talk about that for the evaluation of legislation as an effective policy response and include stuff like difficulties of compliance and the fact that it might only partially eliminate the externality Hope that helps
  20. Can anybody who's already done their FOA2 just share what they did here? I need some inspiration..... I was thinking something along the lines of the language of lyrics in pop songs but that feels really cliche. Also, our teacher allowed us to do the first FOA with a partner. I really want to work with my FOA1 partner for this second one too- is that allowed?
  21. I checked my preferred uni requirements and have decided to stay in Math SL
  22. Thank you I looked into my choice uni requirements and I've decided to keep Math SL
  23. I won't say I'm struggling with the workload- it's just that I feel like if I dropped to Studies, I'd be able to focus more on my HLs. I'm doing well in those too (currently averaging at 6 6 7) but I feel like I can do so much better. It's just the uni part I'm having issues with......
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