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  1. Is it possible to have "shared" accepted knowledge of beauty in the arts? To what extent does it have to be accepted by the community to be "shared" knowledge?
  2. For the following question: Which molecules react to form a dative/coordinate bond? A. CH4 and NH3 B. C2H2 and Cl2 C. NH3 and HF D. Cl2 and HF The answer scheme says C is correct, but I do not see how two already complete molecules can form coordinate bonds. NH3 has a lone pair of electrons, HF having none. How can a coordinate bond between this lone pair and HF happen? I am confused. The others are also equally confusing.
  3. I am studying for chemistry HL for the IB For the following question, I do not know why A is the answer Which statement about isotopes is correct? A Isotopes have the same molecular formula but a different structural formula B Isotopes of atoms of the same element have the same electron configuration The answer says A is correct. I do not know how isotopes can have a "molecular formula" when they are just atoms/ions. Moreover, for B, I initially thought this was wrong since isotopes can be ions as well, so it wouldn't always have the same electron configuration, but t
  4. Thank you. However, for the margins, can that be as big/small as you want? Or does it have to be more than 0.5 inches or sth
  5. For the math IA/Exploration, I am using chicago style for the citation/bibliography, is there a certain citation style (like the APA, MLA) that I have to use for my IA? Or can the citing be anything.
  6. I am about to finish writing my Math IA, but since I did a lot of research, I made the font quite small and made the margins and spacing shorter so that I could fit my research into the 6~12 page restriction.  Isnt it ok to make your font, spacing and margins however small/big you want it, as long as the page number is between 6~12? There is no set rule, would I get marked down if I cram too many words for my IA? 
  7. thank you very much. Can you send the link? And also is there a way to chat with individual IB students and discuss certain topics? I appreciate your help,
  8. I was wondering if there was a way u could build relationships/connections with people around the world doing the IB. I need to be influenced by smart people for motivation, and I am generally curious of their study habits, my school is extremely small, so I don't get the chance to.
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