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  1. I will soon turn in my first EE (biology) draft, I feel really insecure about the quality of my essay, my topic, my research and research question, did anyone else feel that aswell before they turned it in and how did it go? Thanks
  2. Okay yes I will do that then because I think I will have 50 but 10 values per each so 500 numbers which take up a lot of space. Thanks
  3. Does anyone here know if the raw qualitative data should be included in the appendix or in the essay? I have big tables that covers several pages and I have seen some exemplars having the data in the appendix which made me wonder
  4. Should the raw data tables for an extended essay in biology be included in the appendix or in the essay?
  5. Hello, I was wondering what counts in the word count for a biology EE, does calculation, table titles, headings, appendix, etc count?
  6. I was wondering what it means when it says in the criterion for the EE that the research question is: "deemed inapproprate for the subject"? Does it mean that it is a question that should be registered under another subject or could it also be that the question is within the subject but it is inappropriate because of the depth that can be reached through the method (science)/research?
  7. Hello does anyone know where I can find a stress inducing test like a mental arithmetic test or a Montreal Imaging Stress Task that works and is free? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am also writing my essay in a topic that I after doing some research have noticed is controversial. How will you approach it as it is controversial? Will you include a discussion of the controversy? Will you state arguments for and against? Or will you simply form a personal argument based on your research and stick too supporting that argument? For my essay I am a bit confused on how I will form the conclusion since it is controversial and no definite conclusion can be drawn. How will you form your conclusion?
  9. Are you sure that saliva experiments is prohibited? Because I am currently using saliva for my experiment and I have seen a few other essays that also use it. I asked my supervisor who checked with a few other people and said that it was fine.
  10. I am also really confused, my topic is a bit controversial as many of my sources have different opinions is that a problem? I do not think that I will be able to come to a definite conclusion in my essay since the topic is complex, however I will hopefully get some results that I will be able to discuss, I wonder if it is bad that I can not get a really simple conclusion or if it is good if I just talk about the limitations and evaluate different possibilities for the results?
  11. I am also doing my essay in biology and I am also stressed about it. But I think that it is good to see other essays to see how they have done it and get an idea of how to write, I have seen a lot of essays and they are easy to find. Just google extended essay biology. Good luck
  12. See the human policy guide and ask someone at your school who knows about IB rules.
  13. Hello, I do not think that I can help you but I had the same problem so I might be able to give some kind of advice. My main advice would probably be to as soon as possible decide if you want to do it in chem or bio in order to narrow down your options. When I tried to find something my main problem was that I focused on everything rather than reading more deeply about something that interested me. It will be really hard to come up with something, but I think that you should write a list of things that interests you and then start to do basic reading in the areas to see what you find, after do
  14. Does anyone have an example of what an interim reflection for science could be?
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