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  1. Hi Maddy, I think your second IA question about music is not really a "math" IA question. In a mathematics IA, one should be discussing about various mathematical concepts. Also, your first IA question on the geometry of ice hockey is a little vague, maybe you could be more specific?
  2. Lixter


    Perhaps you could just say that you are a nature enthusiast and always found it to be interesting. Something along these lines, I guess? Hope this helps!
  3. My school uses it for everything - normal classes, CAS activities, Extended Essay guidelines and more. It is nice to have a centralized system where we can find all the stuff.
  4. Start reviewing past concepts and make notes (if that is your thing) for content heavy subjects like the sciences and humanities. Hope this helps!
  5. You will have to check with your university course requirements.
  6. - Work on your EE and try to complete it by the end of summer - Catch up on your weaker subjects (Make notes if necessary or create a study group with your friends)
  7. Hi, I am currently having my break now. I am not really intending to use this break to revise because it will be the last break that you will actually have since the other "breaks" or "holidays" you will have is going to be used for school work. So, I guess you should try to relax and perhaps do some revision on your weaker subjects.
  8. He found this task to be too much of a hassle hence he decided to just go back to sleep.
  9. Personally, there is no need to lower your score so that you can improve afterwards. Rather, you should do yourself a favour and keep trying to aim for 7s in your weaker subject while maintaining your grades for other subjects.
  10. Then that should be fine. You do not need to take both languages as language A.
  11. I can see where you are coming. But, at the end of the day, 5 HLs is really an overkill. Perhaps, you should drop your Arabic language to SL and move your Econs to HL.
  12. History and Econs student here! Honestly, if you want a good overall grade, go for Econs HL because it is definitely much easier to get a higher score. However, if you really find history interesting, then just take history. Personally, I find history to be more interesting than economics.Hope this helps!
  13. I assume you are using geography and some science (biology perhaps?). If so, you need to be more specific with the type of impact you are referring to. For instance, are you referring to a political or social impact? Hope this helps!
  14. I am not sure of the context of this situation - so please correct me if I am mistaken. As a student who takes HL economics this year, I didn't really feel like there was a need for you to have background knowledge or prior experience with the subject because they will start from the basics, like the concepts of demand and supply, before moving on to advanced content like price ceilings and subsidies. So, if you are worried that you will not understand anything in Econs class, don't worry because neither did I when I took HL economics. And, I am doing fine still (managed to get 7 points i
  15. All the subjects seem fine. But, like what Shellzie said, why do you want to take 4 HLs? Frankly speaking, 3 HLs is already a nightmare by itself. Having to take 4 HLs would be an intellectual suicide haha. Anyways, wish you all the best for your IB journey next year!
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