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  1. De Moivre's would be the best way to solve that. However, I think that the only solution which works is z=1. The other method you suggested might also work but its very time consuming.
  2. Honestly, I feel like crap. It seems like exams will never come to an end. Im so damn depressed, especially about italian. Does anyone know how bad a A1 Paper 1 commentary has to be to get a 3 or a 2?
  3. I was trying to use google sketchup too but I don't know how to create a parabolic structure. How do you do that?
  4. Hello everyone, by modelling do you mean creating a 3D model? How do you use geogebra to do that?
  5. Yes, I mean the investigation paper. Just sending me a PM with the questions would be really appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey, could anyone PM me a copy of this IA please? I really need it Thanks in advance
  7. Hey Everyone, I have to submit my EE proposal in less than a week and I am still not entirely sure about my topic. In fact, I wanted to do an essay which was chemistry related and I wanted to investigate the different methods used to extract caffeine from tea leaves and their effectiveness. However, after researching on the internet, I found out that it is a very popular topic and that it is suggested by many sites. I do not want to do an extended essay on a topic which most people already investigated and I want to do something a little more original. Is there a way I can narrow my subject of
  8. I took MYP for 2 years. The most useless and pointless program in my life. Why do I think that? Well, let me explain. During those 2 years I always got a 5 in maths.Because of that I thought was gonna fail IB HL maths. It was a miracle they even let me in with that grade. Guess what. Now I got 7 in maths. You know Why? Beacuse I do not have to do stupid in-class investigations and pointless projects. Instead, now i get to do proper Maths tests and interesting investigations and, in addition, the teacher gives a fair amount of time to do them, which makes them less stressing. MYP focuses mainly
  9. Guys I have to turn in a presentation proposal tomorrow and I am still clueless about my topic. I was considering on doing a topic that is science related. I was thinking about on something on the lines of "Is science a real way of knowing the existence of things?" . I am probably really wrong and TOK is probably my worst subject XS. Any suggestions from you guys?
  10. Si ti aiuto volentieri. Sono bravo abbastanza nei polinomi, ma quando si tratta di logs sono una frana. Pensa che nella mia classe il test erà così difficile che tutti sono stati bocciati. Questo non ha inlfuito molto sul mio mid-term grade perchè ho presso 100% in tutti i miei altri test. Sto avendo parecchi problemi con TOK. Devo fare la mia presentazione orale e non ho un topic. Hai qualche suggerimento ?
  11. Le mie materie sono: Math HL Chemistry HL Physics HL Italian A1 SL English A2 SL Economics SL Le mie higher sono abbastanza toste. In particolar modo fisica mi sta dando parecchi problemi perchè ci metto tanto a capire i concetti e spendo un sacco di tempo esercitandomi. Però tutto questo impegno dà i suoi frutti e sto prendendo voti abbastanza alti.
  12. Guarda, mi sono trasferito in Svizzera quando avevo 13 anni. Ho vissuto quasi tutta la mia vita in Italia ed inglese non è la mia lngua migliore. Quando arrivai in Svizzera mi resi conto che non sapevo metter due parole in fila d'inglese ed, il mio primo anno, ho dovuto fare un corso d'inglese intensivo. Per questo motivo ho scelto Italiano come lingua A1.
  13. Yah, I chose all my books from the given Prescribed book list. Damn, then I guess I will have to base my essays on the criteria and on the syllabus. Tahnks for the fast response
  14. Hi everyone, I take italian A1 SL self-taught. I find the assignments ok and not too hard. However, I always wonder if I am doing the right thing and if I am structuring my essays in the right way. I usually base the structure of my essays from the knowledge acquired in the English A2 course and from what I learnt from my past years in english class. However, I do not know if there are big changes in structure when doing an essay in Italian rather than one in english. For this reason I am always unsure of what I am doing. I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on this. I also wanted to know if
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