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  1. Where can I find the November exam schedule? Thanks!
  2. The tuition fees for Canadian students are usually around $5,000-$7,000. The $30,000 you are referring to is most likely the cost of tuition fees for international students or the cost for the full year including everything. I've heard that you should expect to pay somewhere between $15,000-$20,000 per year for everything (fees, aditional fees, books, residences, meals, trips home, all that stuff!) so $30,000 seems a bit much to me, though I'm sure it's possible. Some cities are more expensive to live in than others, so that's another thing to think about if you're considering off-campus apart
  3. Yeah, we were definitely told NOT to fold the exams because they get scanned. Of course, you can still make it look like a brochure by making columns, etc.!
  4. Thanks It's just that some of the activities people were doing for CAS were painting at home or walking, so I thought maybe parents were allowed to be supervisors.
  5. Distribute free condoms - prevent teenage pregnancy? Not quite what I was thinking of...!
  6. Just wondering if anyone had any unique ideas for things to do for CAS? Like I don't know...ikebana, cooking class, etc. And what about for action? Piano, hockey, volleyball, and so on are all good too, but I'm trying to think outside the box! Also, can we get a parent to sign for things we have done, because I thought it had to be someone outside your family? Thanks
  7. You could take yoga classes
  8. I want to take HL Biology and Chemistry, but as I'm not very good at math, I have to take math studies. I've heard that taking both of these at HL would be really difficult because I'm not great at math. I'd like to go to medical school, so I will need a science based undergrad. I am also planning on taking a Pre-cal course after graduation in order to be accepted into university. Has anyone done both sciences at HL with math studies? Wouldit be better to just do SL Chem and HL Bio, or even just one science course( I don't really like that option)? I am also concidering med school in England,
  9. Just wondering how much time teachers give for you to complete homework. Like, do they give you big projects that you have a long time to complete, or do they give lots of small questions and papers due the next day?? I know they say homework for pre-IB can be anywhere from 1-3 or more hours, but if someone could give me examples of what homework they have to do in a week and how much time it takes, that would be great!!!
  10. I think Action will be the hardest to complete for me. Does going to a gym count as Action, or does it have to be something organized like playing for a sports team? If anyone is looking for ideas for Service, find out if there is a hospital in your area that you can volunteer at! That's what I did! Oh and does cooking class count as Creativity? I assume it does!
  11. Do they keep track of extra CAS hours, and is it beneficial in any way? (for universities, etc.) For example if one person does the minimum,(50 hours) for each category, and another person has,100-200 hours in a category, do they get more recognition? thanks
  12. I've had french classes since I was little but they didn't teach us a lot. I do know some french, but I'm not good at verb conjugation, etc. Will french sl be very difficult, coming from the "core french" program I'm doing at school now?
  13. do i have to take both Biology HL and Chemistry HL if i want to study medicine? would it be to hard? so maybe i should take chemistry sl? this is what i would take: english hl, biology hl, chemistry hl, history sl,french sl, math sl or english hl, biology hl, history hl, chemistry sl, french sl, math sl also i would have to do a 3/4 year science degree before med school, so maybe it is not necessary to take Biology and Chemistry at HL.??? thanks so much!
  14. this link has the requirements for medical schools in the uk.it seems not all universities require hl chemistry, as long as you have hl biology! http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki/Where_to_Study_Medicine
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