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  1. I'm in standard level biology and I am working on my IA with the physiology/health topic. My proposed topic is: the effect of different movie genre clips on pulse rate My 5 variables would be a control group (who didn't want a clip), an action clip, a comedy clip, a romance clip, and a documentary clip. These movie genres would be determined by the IMDB for constancy. Is this an acceptable topic? Will it interfere with IB's ethical guidelines? All of my movie selections will be PG or PG-13 and my partcipants are all over 16 years of age. If this is not acceptable, is it salvageable (is there a
  2. Do you agree with the statement: "You are what you listen to."?
  3. For my TOK Presentation, my topic is: "Does the type(s) of music that you listen to reflect your character?" My focus is on character, not personality (they are often referred to synonymously but for the purposes of this presentation they are not synonyms.) Character can be defined as "the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual." My partner and I have described someone with outstanding character as someone who is honest, trustworthy, selfless, etc. My teacher suggested that I open this up for discussion to the IB community. What is your opinion? Do you believe that
  4. Call me maybe! -Carly Rae Jepson )
  5. I got a 2000 the first time I took it and a 2040 the second time I took it... My superscore is a 2080 (700 Math, 640 Reading, 740 Writing) Is that good? Just in general? Opinions on whether I should take it a third time? I don't want to go to an Ivy League School but I want to go to some sort of medical-oriented school... opinions?
  6. I've been wanting to start a club since freshman year, and I'm a junior now. I don't know what I want the club to be about, and I don't really care; I just want to try something new! Any ideas for clubs that are sort of different? My school already has all of the basics. Any ideas will help.. I love history, science, acting, music, running... lots of things! Suggestions please?
  7. Has anyone read this poem? Can someone help me understand what it means, some themes, anything? Does anyone know when it was written?
  8. Can everyone rate AP exams based on easiness to hardness (of the ones you've taken)? Also, has anyone taken AP Music Theory or AP Statistics? I'm looking into both, but I want some opinions. I'm super interested in theory so even if I'm bad at it, I'll be motivated to learn it. Stats, however, I'm not sure. I'm not very good at traditional math (I'm in the lowest math class IB has lol and i wouldnt have it any other way), but I've heard AP Stats is easy even if you aren't good at math, because its a different kind of math... any opinions? Thanks! (:
  9. Can you take an AP exam without taking the class if you study for it independently? Has anyone ever done this? It costs money, right? Does anyone know how much?
  10. Mine is: http://ithrowmoneylikeconfetti.tumblr.com/ please post yours! i love looking at people's blogs its so fun (:
  11. The English can't cook. If he really is English, then obviously he won't be able to cook. What kind of fallacy is this?
  12. What were, say, three top causes of Indian Independence, OTHER than Britain's weakness after WW2? (What I'm asking really is were there any other causes that are significant enough to note?)
  13. To what extent did Britain's involvement in World War 2 cause the success of the Indian Independence movement? yes? no? maybe so? I have spent a lot of time on this, and I think its definitely going somewhere as a question... so is it any good? P.S. if you do like it, do you have any advice on researching for this essay? Thanks! Sam
  14. So should I not do WW2 then? My teacher advised me to do things in the 19th century, because our HL/SL topics are on contemporary history and he wants us to begin preparing for next year... that's why I changed my mind about the french revolution. i've been trying to think of other things to write about but world war 2 seems to have a basis in pretty much everything that we have learned about.. i'm going to do some independent research though on some other things but would you say that world war 2 is a bad topic to write about if i consider myself to be a strong essay writer, but history is no
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