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  1. Thank you for this! I see that you have taken Maths SL, which universities did you apply to and what is your university major? Did you do anything math-related? (And does it really matter if one takes MSL instead of MSSL? They are both SL subjects.) Do UK universities pay a lot of attention to your SL subjects? Will they be alarmed if an oxbridge applicant has Math Studies in their list of subjects, or will they look at the HL subjects taken and consider the applicant based on the HL subjects relating to the degree they are pursuing? Say I take Math Studies, and I get a reasonably high ov
  2. I'm considering taking maths studies next year, because Maths really hurts my brain although I am able to score well, I do not enjoy it one bit. I am not pursuing a degree with anything to do with Mathematics, so I feel like this will be right for me and I will have time to focus on on my other subjects. However, I've heard a lot of negative things about maths studies, people are telling me that although I am pursuing a degree without mathematics, it will hinder my application to universities. How much truth is there in this? My current subject choices are: English A Literature HL
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