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  1. I hope I'm allowed to post this here. (Sorry if not!) Having finished the IB this year, I have a lot of books randomly around my room, which I'd like to sell. I've put them up on ebay, so you can reach them their. If you don't have ebay and would like a book, please PM asap. The books, of course, are all used books. However, they are all in very good condition. A few have my name in the front, but the pages are very readable and useable. I take paypal, so if you don't use £s, then I will take the equivalent of your money. A list of all books on ebay can be found here The books I'm selling are:
  2. Theatre SL - 6 English SL - 6 Japanese AB - 7 Maths HL - 5 Physics HL - 5 Psychology HL - 5 EE - B, Tok - A =3 Overall =37 I'm so happy except for the fact that UCL wanted 6,6,5 at HL and I got 5,5,5. So not sure what's happening there :/ Congrats to everyone!!
  3. I'm exactly the same T_T maths could either make or break my next few years at least...
  4. Is it true that - with the paper, not text or online - it shows HL then SL then Tok/EE then overall? Was seeing the HL first quite nerve-racking as those can sometimes be vital for university...?
  5. Still banned for thinking that I look at percentages
  6. Banned for thinking I look at percentages. I've just seen a large number of people's profiles on different forums =3
  7. Banned for being wrong. I don't, I hardly ever see anyone explain a username in their profile.
  8. Banned for assuming everyone reads people's profiles if confused about the username.
  9. Banned for tricking people with your username
  10. Banned for being the hogger of banning!
  11. Banned for giving two reasons for a ban
  12. Okay, so May 2010 exams have finished. And I think it's fair to congratulate everyone for striving through the IB for the past 2 years at least, and getting to the end! So no-one has their results yet, and people may think that they've failed/may do resits/etc, but the fact is that we've all gotten this far, and I think we should all just take a moment and enjoy the freedom (Especially as most of my year are doing the a levels so they're still in school. *evil laugh*) So, congrats everyone!!! :D :yes:
  13. Banned for having the digit one greater than 100 in your name. (That was lousy )
  14. Banned for having good taste in men!
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