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  1. My coordinator just emailed me and said I got 38/45. Not a bad score at all, seeing that I spent the days before exams playing Team Fortress 2, especially the day before Chemistry and Psychology.
  2. Sort of a necro/bump: I'm going for university of calgary. I'm studying in Hong Kong, but am a Canadian citizen. 30 IB points gets you into the SUCCESS program, where you get guaranteed residence for how ever long you study at UoC, earlier entry into courses, summer access to facilities, discounts on books and such. 35 IB points = $3500 scholarship, and of course the more points the more money, with a limit of $8570. I already have a 39 predicted excluding EE TOK, but my financial state (my parents, that is) does not allow me to go to the US, UK or Australia/NZ, so Calgary I believe is the be
  3. Well I'm 17 and my GF is 17 but 18 this september, so I guess I would like to try it, with condoms and such. However, what I am afraid of is her getting pregnant, even with condoms, and that will be very, very bad.
  4. The high university prices are really bothering the s*** outta me, veterinary science is a whopping 19k, how the heck are my parents and me working part-time supposed to fund that? Anyways my Second Term report is 36, and predicted around 39 excluding TOK and EE.
  5. I only have 115 numbers for my project, will this be too few? I am testing memory vs gaming time (lol I swear i didn't read this before deciding the title), and i just went around and asked people. How can i show this in my project? Like I really did get data and not just made the data up. taking photos will be impossible as I can't find the guys anymore since it's summer and I don't remember who i asked
  6. Thank you thank you thank you. I will talk about ethics, perception, reasoning and perhaps religion. I want to talk about language though, such as how does language in advertisements cause us to ________, but i think that's a bit too much. Emotion and perception is different in a sense that emotion is a sort of "gut" feeling, right? Perception is our five senses? Thank you VERY much
  7. Thank you!! Alright, I guess for "What ways of knowing are used in determining what is right or wrong?", I can focus on emotions and sense? And for real life examples I can talk about shark fin and beef? And for religion, I can talk about how we are afraid that if we do something that goes against our religion, we may be punished by one, our church/people of our religion, and second, by a higher being (deity)?
  8. It seems that whatever I do, I still can't get higher than a 4 out of 6 in the lab reports, whether only DCP is evaluated, or CE is evaluated, or both. I follow the guide sometimes by the letter, sometimes do not follow it. I try to write out long reports. I write out reports that are short. I include in depth evaluations and think of errors that could potentially affect the experiment. I also remove errors which are present but I do not believe affect the lab in a significant way. But it seems that I can never get higher than a 4. It seems like my teacher is marking me for not using specified
  9. Ah thanks, it clears it up a bit! my knowledge issue is broad as heck, but I'm hoping to talk more during my presentation. It is "How do our cultural background and upbringing influence what we view as right or wrong" my real life example is Shark fin hunting. I thought of going for 3 different branches: Religion, Emotions and Educational Level. For Religion, I want to look at like different religions' views on food. Emotions, like disgusted at shark fin hunting. Edu. level is that shark fin has no known benefits for our health, so why pay so much for it. But I just emailed my teacher these
  10. My knowledge issue is about culture and what we perceive as right or wrong. I thought it'd be pretty simple, yet my teacher was pretty harsh on my scaffold. The biggest problem were the derived knowledge issue. It turns out that my derived knowledge issues were too off topic. I was talking about along the lines of animals/eating animals, etc, but my derived knowledge issues went from right and wrong of sex before marriage to right and wrong of physical punishment, because I completely read the scaffold instructions wrong. Now I am a bit loss. my DKI has to be related to my real life situation
  11. i tried TOK and biology so far. can't download from either Bump. I still cannot download any files. Thanks
  12. Yup, I can, I can chat there too.
  13. i click download and it says that I have no permission for it.
  14. I am a VIP, and when I looked at my profile it says I have 104 posts, but when I attempt to download anything, it says "[#10852] You do not have permission to download this file" Is it because I have posts that belong in the Chat section where it does not count towards my post count? Thanks
  15. I didn't really choose it though. My teacher saw my low marks in A2 then told me to go down to B. I didn't think much of it, so I took it. a month later she told us what happened at a workshop she went to.. god..i'm also taking math studies.....two soft subjects..
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